New Beginnings

IMG_1213.JPGLast Spring, I gave birth to my gorgeous bonus baby, Caleb! This Spring I am working on a new baby (metaphorically speaking) in the form of this blog!

I know, I know! Yet another Mummy blog to add to the gazillions of Mummy blogs that are already out there in the blogosphere…. Exactly what the world needs, right?! Well, yes and no!

Yes, there are literally millions of blogs devoted to mums, kids and parenting, almost to the point of saturation… But not quite, as first time, second time and beyond mums (and sometimes even dads) are constantly hungry for information relating to their day-to-day experience of parenthood. Kids don’t come with manuals but oh how we wish they did because every child is different and no matter how many kids we have there will always be new problems and dilemmas that we haven’t encountered before. In a nutshell, an infinite number of parenting problems means that there is room for an infinite number of parenting blogs… oh and me!!! Yay!

And this brings me to the name of my blog… In a virtual world of bazillions of mummy blogs how on earth is it possible to come up with a memorable snappy name?! Well it is quite a feat and I don’t really think I nailed it as I just plumped for the first thing that came to mind…

Mostly Mum…

… because I am quite simply mostly a mum. But I’m also a friend, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a former PhD student and magazine journalist. I love shoes, bags, nail varnish, high fashion and interior design  (and not necessarily in that order)! But most of all I love to write and so I will write about what I know… Mostly about being a mum but also about other things that interest me and hopefully anyone else who should ever stumble upon this blog.

Oh and one last thing! I chose the name Mostly Mum because even though all I’ve ever really wanted to do is write I am, for most of the time  (due to time limitations, fear of failure… gulp!), Mostly Mum or stumm….

But not for much longer… Or am I? Ooh it’s getting confusing. Best to quit while I’m ahead and also as the baby’s just woken up… Aargh! Back in a bit, promise!


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