Style Stalker… The Chubby!


As previously mentioned, I love, love, love fashion and trends and tend to draw inspiration from various sources, be they celebs or the average woman on the street (see pic. above!).

My local stomping ground is rich pickings for all sorts of great style so, naturally, I’m constantly on the lookout for fabulous ideas to steal.

Today’s school run was particularly fruitful as I managed to surreptitiously snap (Alizée made a great attempt to blow my cover though; “Why on earth are you taking a taking that lady’s picture, Mummy?” 🙈 Shhhh…. tttt!) two yummy mummies wearing one of my favourite trends from winter ’18: Enter…. The… Chubby 💋💋💋

Exhibit #1


Exhibit #2


My own version…


Here’s how it looks on… (And, no, I don’t love mirrors, Elodie!!! They are purely for research purposes – Kim Kardashian knows what I’m talking about! 😉)


Case closed!




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