This Week Mostly Mum was Mostly Wearing… Gucci


Well… a vintage Gucci crossbody bag to be exact. As part of my brand spanking new blog I will be including a weekly section devoted to the accessories that I used to jazz up my worn out Mostly Mum uniform of loose-fitting black dress and cardi cover up. (Refuse point-blank to buy anything more flattering until I. shift. the. Mum. Tum!!!).

As hinted above, accessories are great because wannabe fashionistas like myself can indulge our love of high-end fashion without fretting over the inevitably unpredictable size of our wobbly bits. And yay to that I say!

So, bearing all that in mind (and coupled with the fact that logoed crossbody bags are so in right now!) I dug a 70’s/80’s Gucci crossbody bag out of my stash (a totally uh-may-zing charity shop find from last year for a paltry £25 😍😻😍!).

I love ❤️ love this bag because although slightly worn it still looks great, is big enough to carry the essentials (read phone, credit card and lipstick) while leaving my hands free for buggy pushing and shopping bag carrying. Just fab!

To add an instant touch of glam, I opted for a slick of Essie’s Lolipop (my style icon, Olivia Palermo’s fave) on my nails. Breaking away from my usual failsafe black, the neon brightness of this red shade distracted me from the gloominess of the never-ending wintry weather.


Then to top it all off, a delicate gold star necklace that I found for around £15 on  Etsy completed the look. Bam!


Do you like? Have you ever picked up a great high-end accessory in a charity shop? I’d really love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

Mwah, mwah, mwah 💋 Mostly Mum!



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