Today Mostly Mum’s Tiny Tot was mostly wearing… H&M


Mostly Mum isn’t the only fashion conscious one in this household! Oh no Siree Bob, not by a long shot! Enter stage left: Mr Tiny Tot, aka CJ, aka Caleb Jack aka, Caleb, aka Lou Lou (Why? Just because…).

Having spent the last ten years in a glittery pink powder puffball of girliness it is really rather nice to step into the blue. This section will showcase some of my fave finds…

I found today’s outfit of Donald Duck distressed print sweatshirt (such a great 70’s vibe!) and skinny stretch jeans with super cute star motif (so very now!) in H&M at the weekend. Hennes we salute you!


Hard to top this! But we’ll sure as hell try! 😜

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