Spick ‘n’ Span?


As I wandered through the cleaning product aisle of Waitrose the other day I was stopped in my tracks by the sight of these two perfume shaped beauties. “Had the floor staff suddenly taken leave of their senses and accidentally plonked the bath oils in amongst the multisurface cleaners?” I mused.

A quick check of the bottles revealed that, no, there was no mistake about it… Somebody had finally cottoned onto the fact that cleaning products do not need to be encased in exceptionally ugly packaging. They can actually look (and smell) as pretty as their bathroom-destined cousins! 😍

And to top it all, they can even be put to good use without the aid of a hazmat suit!!! (The warnings slapped on the back of traditional cleaning products tend to fill me with hair-raising terror. “Risk of serious eye damage”, they scream. “Would that be irreversible?” I ponder… “Best not to find out. A bit of limescale build-up never killed anyone… that I know of…”

So a (buzzword alert!) natural all-singing, all-dancing divinely packaged  and deliciously scented glass cleaner and multipurpose cleaner finally exist. A practical steal at £2.50 (considering the proposed benefits!). No hesitation about it… into the basket they go…

But once put to the test did they actually live up to all  (exceptionally high) expectation?

And the verdict…



While the deliciously citrusy smelling glass cleaner pretty much performed as well as any other (more toxic) equivalent, it took me a hell of a lot of scrubbing with the multipurpose cleaner to rid Baby C’s high chair of the encrusted food residue that my usual Dettol would have made light work of.

Overall verdict:

Won’t be throwing out the hazmat suit just yet. Disappointed! 😥

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