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Ok so I’m soooo excited right now that I’m practically beside myself (if that were even possible 🤣)… As you all know, I’m new to this blogging thing but tonight I’ve fiiinally cracked the whole “how to post celeb pics without being sued thing”. (Well, at least I hope I have or else I’ll be trying to crack the “gofundme thing” to pay the damages…)

Anyway, back to the main subject of this post; it’s only… Olivia… Palermo!!! 

Remember her from MTV’s The City from around 9 years ago. (How could it be that long, already?!!) If memory serves me correctly, she landed my absolute dream job (well, before now that is!😊) of accessories director at Elle mag in New York.

And since then, I have been totally obsessed with her style. She. Has. Just. Got. It!!! The way she puts an outfit together is just pure perfection from the top of her glossy mane to the tip of her perfectly manicured toe nails. PURR-FEC-TION! 😻

(I will definitely post more pics of her super sleek style at a later date as there is just toooo much to cover in one post.)

So… focusing on the pic (so brilliantly 😊) posted above, even though I ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ the slightly messy bun, the aviator style glasses and don’t even get me started on the coat… sigh, the real stand out feature, for me here, are her perfectly painted classic red lips. So chic, so sophisticated, so simple I could die (well, hopefully not literally…😳).

I’ve stolen her style already by investing in this totally gorge lipstick 💄 by Bourgois from Sainsbury’s. (Who says grocery shopping can’t be fun?!)

And here it is:




You’re all so very welcome!

💋 Mostly Mum

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