Mostly Mum’s Heavenly Handbag Heroes



If they are anything like me, most mums have an innate tendency to lug around everything but the kitchen sink in their ever bulging handbags… Phone, keys, debit/credit cards, a million store loyalty cards (naturally!), wads of cash (if they’re really lucky 😜),  (big breath…) loose change, half a dozen lipsticks, a ball of hardened chewing gum, half-eaten baby biscuits, dummies, spare nappies, bottles, formula, squeaky toys…  Phew! You name it we’ve got it! Just don’t ask us to find it in any great hurry…😳

But every once in a while we stumble across those precious little products that deserve pride of place in a select pocket (free of crumbs and sticky stuff!) and these are those:


First up, we have the elegantly egg-shaped lip balm by Eos in Strawberry Sorbet. It’s (big word alert 😮) ergonomically shaped, naturally and organically made as well as deliciously scented. And… best of all it will leave a velvety sheen on even the flakiest of pouts. Totes worth the £6.50 price tag! So pucker up buttercup… (as I have been known to say to the hubby on occasion)!

Next up, we have the similarly scented not to mention  breathingly beautiful Strawberry Cupcake Hand Cream by those geniuses at Patisserie de Bain (£3.99 from Superdrug). And I say “geniuses” because the clever creatures have only managed to produce a (previously unheard of) nongreasy formula. Silky nonslip mitts on the go?! There are simply no words… aside from… standing ovation! 👏

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