Perfectly Imperfect


One of my most annoying habits has to be my over reliance on certain words, perfect being one of them. I find myself thinking, saying, writing the word “perfect” countless times a day to the point that I have come to realise that it might actually be a Freudian slip in that my subconscious is obsessed with the notion of perfection…

Indeed, since my childhood, my personality has always veered towards the fastidious perfectionist who worried about the tiniest of stains on her clothes or (God forbid!) not measuring up at school (it had to be an A+ or there were complaints and tears, lots of them… Abject apologies to my dear old long-suffering teachers!😳).

However, with time and a certain amount of… ahem… maturity, I have gradually come to realise – at least on a conscious level – that (philosophical thought of the day alert!!) perfection is a frustratingly unattainable notion that doesn’t always necessarily equal beauty (in fact quite the contrary).

Is nature perfect? A resounding no! But is it beautiful? Resoundingly so!

In the same way, we should always try to remember that we are perfect despite (and sometimes even because of) our imperfections.

As my daughter prepares to enter her teenage years I hung the pink heart pictured above over her desk to instil that very notion into her ( and let’s be honest here, my own) oh so fragile subconscious .

And I am now posting this message to highlight the ultimate theme of this blog: while it’s fun to celebrate beauty per se, we must always remind ourselves that we can be beautiful without being “perfect”.

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes; stick thin models like Kate Moss are no more beautiful than the more voluptuous types like Kim Kardashian or Kelly Brook. For that matter, “normal” mums on the school run can be just as beautiful and stylish (minus the mummy tuck! 😳) as their more “perfect”  celeb counterparts. So, let’s all breathe a big sigh of relief, and give each other and, more importantly, ourselves a big ole break from the burden of perfection.

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Kim K – Beautiful since the beginning! (Yes, I am a super fan 😍 and no, I am not at all in the slightest bit embarrassed!)

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