Have a Hygge Hugg


Buzzwords are totally my thing. Give me any buzzword or “happy clappy notion” and I’ll run with it… Why you might quite reasonably ask? Well, it’s hard to pin point an exact reason but the best explanation might boil down to that promise of happiness, however fleeting!

The latest  buzzword of the moment would have to be hygge (pronounced hue-guh), a Danish concept relating to the  cosy contentment of living in the here and now. Having a cup of coffee? Savour it! Having a shower? Relish it! And that, folks, is how simple the notion of hygge is meant to be (having said that, the fact that there are legions of books and blogs etc devoted to the topic would suggest otherwise… 🤣).

Nonetheless, as I ambled down the Waitrose bath and shower product aisle the other day this little beauty of a product caught my eye. Sleekly packaged shower gel to blend in perfectly with my current bathroom decor, divinely scented to evoke a deliciously warm all enveloping hug (or hugg, or hygge even),  I  just… had… to… have… it. Not even the £5 price tag (on special offer though – reduced from £8 👏) could put me off. I was com-plet-ely sold!


And did it deliver?

Youuu betcha! The cosiest, warmest shower experience, ev-er! Pure bliss!

Now if only I lived in a place like my friend’s (posted below), the hygge experience would be mine forever!  Care to trade, Catherine? (We did use to love a trade back in the day…🤣)


[The picture above doesn’t come courtesy of Vogue Living (as would be expected) but my dearest oldest friend Catherine’s Instagram feed (ck_ireland).] #hygge


Reconnecting with old friends on Insta – another kind of hygge!  Just priceless!

💋 Mostly Mum

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