Today Mostly Mum was mostly shopping in… Flying Tiger Copenhagen!


This week I really needed washing up sponges. Yes, I could have picked up any old ones from our local supermarket but washing up is quite a boring business so I do insist on going out of my way to get something a little less… 🤔… banal!

So off to Flying Tiger Copenhagen, formerly known  as just Tiger 🐯 (couldn’t resist  the cutsie emoji, sorry… not sorry!😉) we trotted.

And here is what we found:


Washing up sponges in the shape of blue and pink hearts (£2). 😍 So cute, so kitch… so time to head home as the mission has been accomplished in super quick time. The hubby will be proud! But wait what’s that over there?


Oh… my… a cake cutter and a totally inspiring quote… all rolled into one. A steal at £4. How niche! How mine!

Oh no, what’s that over here?


Only a fotoalbum… ahem… photo album disguised as a retro camera for no more than £2! Didn’t exactly come in for one but I do have all these photos that need sorting…


Had a dilemma! THIS is the obvious solution! Who could argue with that?! Well, I do actually know of someone but let’s not spoil our fun just yet…

Oh dear! 😩 Alizée’s just seen the pink glittery pencil cases…


Her pencil case collection is already out of control but this one for only £2 is sooo pink, soooo glittery. Well, ok, just. this. once! 😉

And now Elodie’s spied the retro lolly shaped pens…


On the plus side, these ones can’t damage her teeth and they are practically free at just £1 each… Oh, just look at that pouty face!  Who could say no?!

Now, I’ve got £2 in loose change that’s weighing me down… Just one last thing…


Best to have these in case all the photos don’t fit in the album. And look how they sparkle!!

We had better stop there! Don’t want to go mad… Until next week… 😉

💋 Mostly Mum

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