Style Stalker… Ugg Boots!

Ugg boots have been falling in and out of favour with the fash pack for years now… They have been rated and slated in equal measure to the extent that it can be exceedingly difficult to keep up!

For my part, I was completely obsessed with them about 12 (OMG!) years ago when every celeb from Sarah Jessica Parker to Jessica Simpson was snapped wearing them in their down time.

Naturally, (being someone who just can’t ignore a trend) I invested in the classic tall black version (as seen on Nicky Hilton in the pic below). And I wore them to death… or at least until another more fashionable trend came along. 😳

Fast forward to the autumn of this year and while attempting to declutter the garage of my hoarded possessions (a topic for another day 😩) I threw all caution to the wind and put my precious much-loved Uggs up for auction on eBay. BIG MISTAKE! Because as soon as I had I packed them up and sent them off to their new home I realised that they had come back into fashion again, in a major way!

Uggs were no longer Ug(g)ly!! They were cool again and they were simply e.very.where!!!


From the classic tall to the short to the medium to the Bailey Bow, I couldn’t escape them!!! Everywhere I went, there they were taunting me, goading me… until one day, I caved, logged back onto eBay and bid on (and won! 🙊) these…


Hmmm… So much for decluttering!!

Uggs: A Celeb ❤️ Story in Pics
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The Hilton Sisters (remember them!!) back in the mid noughties!
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Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick, also in the mid noughties. (Love how the buggy is weighed down with shopping bags… Maybe they are just like us after all. 👏)

It’s Miley looking sweet in ’09!!
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Sienna Miller is looking fab in her black pair! 😍

And Kate is looking flawless while wearing hers out and about in the Cotswolds. 💕

Meanwhile, Gossip Girl’s Leighton Meester looks pretty as a picture in her Chestnut Bailey Buttons. ❤️

That’s it! I’ve fallen in love all over again! Ugg boots are categorically, most definitely no longer Ug(g)ly!

💋 Mostly Mum

Stay tuned for Style  Stalker International, coming to a computer/ iPhone/iPad near you oh so very soon…

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