Mostly Mum’s Fab Finds for Easter!


I’ve never been hugely into the whole idea of decorating the house at Easter time but as the shops persist in stocking oodles of super cute Easter themed items, beyond the usual eggs and Easter bonnets, I find myself caving in more and more each year…

Over the past two years I’ve covered most of the basics; twig like light up tree – check, glittery multicoloured hanging egg decorations – check, spring themed hanging wreaths – check… So what more could a Mostly Mum possibly want?! Well… when we popped into our local garden centre yesterday for a quick post school run pre-Easter-afternoon-tea-treat, we found these:


Rainbow  🌈 coloured milk chocolate micro eggs (nom nom 😋) combined with a glass Russian egg hanging decoration from those amazing peeps at Decoris (£3.99) makes for a super pretty, unusual and (most important for the kids!) edible Easter decoration. Pure genius!!

Next we saw this:


Perched on a table simply heaving with those too gorgeous to be true plush Jelly Cat bunnies… Ok I admit this (for all of £11.99!) was a bit of an overindulgence as we do have… um… a few of these in our collection already. But this one was purple and Elodie was doing her pouty face thing… You would have given in too! Don’t judge me! 😳

Then we saw this


A hanging lantern from Gisela Graham (£4.99) with too cute-to-be-true cut out bunny shapes… Had. To. Have!!! ❤️

And sticking out of a glass bowl right next to it, Elodie found…


A super-duper cute felt bunny hanging decoration, again from Gisela Graham (so love their stuff… ). Looks totally home-made but in a good way… Neeeed it (well, not technically, but you know what I mean!), just have to have it, got it! So 💕 it!

Finally, we have the piece de resistance:


Two individual but the same (looove it!), beautifully packaged (and we all know by now just what a sucker I am for great packaging!) packs of three milk chocolate bars – these also look way bigger than they really are so the kids won’t feel short-changed 🤞…


This fabulous product comes from a German company called Riegelein Confiserie (aber naturlich! ) and is on the pricy side at £7.99… But soo worth it! And, look! It’s even got my name written on it…


[Oh, ok, Edel is also the German word for high quality but nobody (or more specifically, the hubby!) needs to know that! Shhhh….! I won’t tell if you don’t! 🤐]

Happy Easter, my dear readers!

💋 Mostly Mum



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