The School Run(way)…


School is finally out for the Easter holidays! Great news on the one hand, as it means our schedules are a little more relaxed – no more waking up with a jolt at the thought of spending the next hour and a half dashing about in all directions, only to be late, again! 😳

But on the other hand, it means that there is little to no mingling with the masses of fashion savvy mums that walk the school run(way) in my local area.

How will I survive? Should I go cold turkey or spare myself the horrors of the withdrawal symptoms by posting just one more pic of an uber fashionable lady? Well, that may as well have been  a rhetorical question as I am, naturally, going to plump for the latter option.

So ladies and gentlemen (and even girls and boys!!), please take a pew and ready yourselves to be totally and utterly enthralled…

I now present to you our very own consistently chic chick, Kelly!!! Enjoy soaking up her savvy style…


Kelly’s sense of style is particularly fabulous, as far as I am concerned, as it is exactly the same as mine!! I love absolutely everything she wears, buys for her home (soon to be featured Mostly-Mum!!! ❤️) or puts on her cute-as-a-button baby son!!! Great minds most definitely think alike!!

Now, back to the reveal… Just who is Kelly wearing in our school run(way) pic?

The super glam sunglasses (❤️❤️❤️) are Chanel  (2017 collection) and cost around £300.

Kelly’s totally gorge oversized scarf was picked up in Joules back in 2016 and cost around £30.

That a-ma-zinggg coat was bought in Zara  last year and cost approximately £70.

The fab fingerless gloves were picked up in H&M around three years ago and cost about £20.

That aubergine bag is Coach (2013) and cost somewhere around the £400 mark.

Kelly’s skinny jeans are Topshop (2017) and were a steal at £40.

And fiiinally, Kelly’s super glam ‘n’ glittery trainers are Converse (this year’s collection, peeps!!) and cost around £50.

In her down time (which is rare as she is one busy supermum! 😘) Kelly likes to shop in Whistles, Hush, John Lewis, Baujken and at:  (soooo ❤️ this!).

You’re such a style icon, Kel!!!

In fact, she looks quite similar to her style icon (and one of mine, as it happens…) Audrey Hepburn… Indisputably, one of the greatest fashion icons of all time…

Embed from Getty Images

I so want a dress like this… 😍

Embed from Getty Images

And a summer outfit like this!!! Classic, timeless style at its very best!! ❤️

Plenty more of these to come… Make sure you’re following so as not to miss out!

💋 Mostly Mum

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  1. E Walker says:

    Kelly is ready for spring! Looking very stylish with a flare of pink and lavender. The shoes are a ‘must have’- so sparkling.

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