This weekend Mostly Mum is mostly wearing… Hunter boots!


It’s finally the Easter weekend!! And that means… no school runs (Amen to that!), no homework panic and no school stuff to be laundered (well, technically, we should do the laundry to avoid a last-minute panic in a couple of weeks but… hey… sometimes you just need to live a little! 😉).

The Easter weekend should also mean basking in the spring sunshine and lots of fun outdoor activities en famille. But so far … it’s been a total wash-out ☔️… and that’s probably putting it mildly! A quick glance at the weather app on my phone reveals quite a bit more of the same for the remainder of the weekend break 🌧 😩. Talk about raining on my parade…

So not one to dive under the duvet for an all out “Netflix and chill” in the face of weather induced adversity – (well, that is actually a lie as I soo would but… you know… the kids won’t let me!) – I dig out my trusty Hunter wellies for a bit of “Glasto glam” and brace myself to brave the elements for that aforementioned outdoorsy fun en famille. Yay… I think!


Mostly Mum’s Hunter Boots, as perfect as the day I bought them circa 2005 (yes, really!).

A bit like the Ugg boot craze (see the latest instalment of Style Stalker for more on this! 😉) the Hunter boot craze began, if memory serves me correctly, oh about a decade or so ago when fashion icon Kate Moss and her posse adopted them as their “go to” festival (read Glastonbury mainly) style staple. Cute with shorts, fab with flowery  “flower power” mini dresses, great with jeans and leggings and oh so perfect with shorts, a pair of Hunters achieve the previously thought impossible feat of looking good while being practical (no more soggy socks for me, thank you very much!) at the same time. So much so that here at Mostly Mum HQ we are more than a little bit obsessed…


The current collection chez Mostly Mum.


Elodie’s baby Hunters – these still looked perfect after around two years of consistent wear!! They have now been sent off to a loving home 🤞- (thank you very much eBay!).


These pink sparkly beauties were Alizée’s but are soon to be Elodie’s (as soon as she grows out of her current pair of Alizée cast offs! 👏💕).


Alizée’s current “mini me” (couldn’t resist!🤣) pair! ❤️


My version of rainy day chic…

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Kate Moss in shorts and Hunters at Glastonbury back in 2005 – the original and still the very best! ⭐️

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Kate in cute mini dress and Hunters at Glastonbury with obligatory rock star (Pete Doherty – remember him?!!!) accessory again in 2005. Iconic! ❤️

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Kate looking fab in jeans, Hunters and Balenciaga bag (adore it!!!) on day 1 of Glastonbury in 2008. There. Are. No. Words! 😍

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Kate Moss still rockin’ the shorts and Hunters look on day 2 of Glastonbury back in 2008. So love it! 💕

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Girls Aloud’s Nicola Roberts in pretty, floaty dress, Hunters and Chanel 2.55 bag at Glastonbury back in 2009. Cute! 😻

So to sum up: 

Every cloud has a silver (Hunter boot) lining!  And hooray to that, we say!

💋 Mostly Mum


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