This Easter Mostly Mum’s Tiny Tot is mostly wearing… H&M… again!


Even though the weather has not been on our side at all this weekend, we forged ahead today in our plans to ditch the heavy-duty winter duds in favour of some summery attire. We then held our breath in the hope that some positive action might yield some positive results (in the way of better weather! 🤞). No such luck, however, it’s still raining! ☔️😐

Nonetheless, my little Lulu did look super cute once kitted out in this French sailor inspired stripe jumper and navy baby chino outfit from H&M (at the very reasonable price of £7.99 each! 👏❤️).

I have been a huge fan of H&M –  (what is it about the Swedes and Scandinavians that they just keep producing fab stuff at a fab cost! IKEA, Flying Tiger…, anyone?! ❤️them!!!) – since… oh… about 1999, when I discovered them while studying in Germany. While they might be a little bit more ubiquitous these days, they just never disappoint… Fab womenswear, fab menswear, fab baby and kidswear, fab homeware… just all round… fab-u-lous!


Cute as a French sailor, angry as a prisoner… Baby C. is just not loving that playpen! 😫☹️

And here we have Caleb’s catwalk:

Zoolander, eat your heart out!

To be continued…

💋 Mostly Mum

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