This Easter break Mostly Mum was mostly wearing… Louis Vuitton!


As you probably all know by now (at least, if you’ve been following the blog!) this weekend was a dismal, damp squib kind of a break. It was nice to be able to kick back with the kids without the usual hectic routine to clip our wings but, honestly, the wet ‘n’ windy weather did put a bit of a dampener on things…

So, aside from donning our trusty Hunter boots and dressing Lulu up as if it were summer (well, spring at least!), what did Mostly Mum do?

Reach for the Louis Vuitton accessories, of course! No better way to feel glam in the face of (weather induced) adversity than to pile on the glitz and literally “fake it until you make it”! Works for me! Every. Single. Time!

The first thing I dug out of the dressing room – (not as luxurious as it sounds; it’s an absolute necessity as we currently have no storage solutions, i.e. wardrobes, in our house at the moment. ☹️ Zilch! Zippo! A story for another day, perhaps… 🤞) – was my utterly fabulous Stephen Sprouse for Louis Vuitton leopard print graffiti shawl (mostly worn as a scarf though! 😊).

This shawl is also of high sentimental value for me as we – (and by “we” I just mean the poor long-suffering husband, of course! 😳) – purchased it in the Louis Vuitton store in London’s Westfield as a kind of pre-push present as soon as I found out I was expecting Elodie in February 2011.

Around that time (and from about a couple of years previously), the fashion mags had been crammed with pictures of celebrities, from Mary Kate Olsen to Kate Moss – (yes, her again! She is a fashion  icon, after all!) – wearing this must-have item in all manner of colours, permutations and combinations.

Not one to miss out on a trend, I duly joined the fash pack and have consistently worn it every year ever since. In fact, if you break it down into pence per wear, this £500 plus scarf probably only cost me (I mean… us 😐)  about 0.10p, no exaggeration  (well, maybe just a little bit…!).😳

Then, to finish off the look, I opted for one of my favourite Louis Vuitton bags of all time: The Speedy! ❤️

The Speedy is just the perfect city bag! As mine is one of the smaller versions, the 25, it is big enough to stuff in some extra bits alongside the usual phone, wallet and keys… But still not so big as to be too awkward and cumbersome to hang nonchalantly off the wrist. An iconic “It Bag”!

And much like the leopard print graffiti scarf, the style mags of the late noughties had been awash with snaps of  über stylish Speedy carrying celebs. I just had to have a piece of that (designer-bag-cake) action… So, somewhere around 2006, I hotfooted it to Harrods to make a style investment and what an investment it was…  A style classic – pure and simple!

Here is how it all looks:


And the celeb. line-up:

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Mary Kate Olsen wearing my (well, not mine exactly, but you know what I mean… 🤭) Louis Vuitton Stephen Sprouse pink graffiti leopard print scarf at Paris Fashion Week for Autumn/Winter ’08-’09. Very cute! 💖

Embed from Getty Images

Lilly Allen, also at Paris Fashion Week, wearing a hot pink version. Simply adorable! 💗

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A young Miley Cyrus, snapped in L.A. toting her Louis Vuitton Speedy bag. Sweet! 😍

Embed from Getty Images

Kelly Brook, pictured at Nice airport in May 2012,  with a Louis Vuitton Speedy for her purse as well as a Louis Vuitton make-up bag! The definition of glam! ❤️

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