Mostly Mum’s home is mostly filled with… Bourgie Lamps!


Thanks largely to my lovely husband’s obsession with house projects (read: run down properties that need heaps of love, time and money – which we don’t have😧  – in order to restore them to their former glory), I have been obsessed with a selection of classic design pieces for the home. These pieces are so distractingly beautiful that I almost (but not quite!) can ignore the cracks, peeling paint and general unfinished D.I.Y. that tends to blight our home sweet homes.

The first of these gems is the iconic Bourgie Table Lamp. This classic baroque shaped  lamp with a very modern polycarbonate twist was first designed by Ferruccio Laviani for Kartell in 2005 and due to the dual nature of its design complements both contemporary and traditional settings in equal measure.

The height of the Bourgie is adjustable to three different levels. It is also available in a variety of finishes from transparent and black  (like mine!) to opaque white, gold, silver and multicoloured (wowser!). All options come with a dimmer switch, for a more ambient effect, except for the clear and black versions which also have the option of a classic on/off button (so wish I had known this before I purchased the clear version in 2015 as I am not fond of the extra bright effect of the on/off switch… 😢 ). While by no means cheap, the Bourgie is affordable for most with prices currently ranging from around £70 for the smallest model to £329 for one of the larger versions in opaque white with an extra luxe gold interior to the shade! The Bourgie is basically… beyond… divine! Sigh!! ❤️❤️❤️

IMG_2856.JPGSo hard to tell who the real star of this pic is: the husband, waving Baby C, the Creme Egg Easter egg (so yummy! 😋) or the Bourgie?!


I bought this clear beauty of a Bourgie (sans dimmer!) in 2015 shortly after we moved into our current house. The fact that I overlooked the minor detail that you had to tick the dimmer option when buying is testament to the anguish I felt upon moving into a largely uninhabitable dwelling… But dimmer or no dimmer, look how prettily it sparkles! 💖


This black beauty was given to me by my long-suffering hubby for my 30th birthday shortly after  I discovered I was pregnant with my eldest. Talk about… Best. Birthday. Ev-er!!!

Which Bourgie do you prefer? Do tell us in the comments section below…

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  1. E Walker says:

    The real star is waving Baby C!

    1. edelcurran says:

      Yes, definitely, Erica! 😘

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