Spring Clean – The Sequel


Today was one of those annoying kind of days where Mostly Mum was feeling the overwhelm… As well as the usual feed, entertain, change Baby C tasks, I had the girls at home (the Easter holidays are still ongoing, a fact which can have its downsides… ) and to top it all, Granny and Grandad were arriving from Ireland (hit the red button – panic alert!!).

Taken on their own, none of these issues would be a big deal but altogether… wow! Just. A. Bit. Too. Much. Of all the issues, Granny and Grandad’s arrival was probably piling on the most pressure since the house is simply not as visitor friendly as I would like at the moment. It’s Messy (and yes, that capital ‘M’ was deliberate!). No matter how much I tidy to the soundtrack of Baby C’s crying in the background – he doesn’t like MM to tidy for some strange reason – somebody comes along five minutes later and messes it all up again! Yes, I know, uber frustrating! 😀

So, I’ve taken to ignoring a lot of the mess of late… Until, that is, the arrival of Granny and Grandad forced the issue. Better to clean to the soundtrack of Baby C’s wails than have the sound of Granny’s caustic criticism of said mess ringing in my ears…

Reluctantly, I trudged to the (now babyproofed) cupboard under the sink to haul out all the “clean the bathroom” supplies… And that is when I saw It! The ylang ylang scented shower spray by method, another promising “all natural” product from Waitrose that I had put on my To Test list. “Might as well kill two birds with one stone and test as I clean in prep. for Granny,” I thought to myself. And test I did…

How did the product perform?

OMG! I cannot rate this cleaner (or brand, for that matter!) highly enough! Cleaning with this product is quite simply less of a chore and more of a super spa experience. As the first droplets of spray from the bottle waft into the air, I can instantly feel my tense muscles relaxing, my racing thoughts slowing down, my senses heightening their awareness of the all-encompassing tropical perfume. (Believe it or not, this is not hyperbole! You just have to try it to believe it!)

And then there is the not so small matter of how effectively the product dealt with theΒ  (normally near impossible to shift) encrusted mixture of soap scum and limescale that sticks steadfastly to taps and plugholes… Gone, as if by magic! Just like that! And with No Scrubbing! A-maz- ing!! Nothing left but a glorious, gleaming shine! Just like a mirror! And my Elodie knows only too well just how much I love mirrors… πŸ˜‰

It’s the science bit…

As I mentioned in a previous post, I do love my research and am constantly badgering Dr Google with all manner of (some might say, inane) questions… However, today I feel my extra delving into the bowels of the internet was justified as surely we must all be wondering about the whys, whats and wherefores regarding my almost out-of-body cleaning experience.

And before too long I had the answer: ylang ylang (pronounced ee-lang ee-lang).

Come again?

In brief, Ylang ylang is the name of a tree, native to Indonesia, which is famed for its pleasant smelling flowers (check!) and a powerful essential oil that is derived from them. The medicinal benefits of the ylang ylang essential oil are numerous and include its use as:

  1. An antidepressant – it reportedly relaxes the body and fights chronic stress. (Double check!)
  2. A sedativeΒ Β  – it is said to calm stress while inducing a relaxing feeling. (Triple check!)


Now it all makes perfect sense. From here on in, ylang ylang infused products are absolute must-haves for me (or, at least, until the children leave home…πŸ˜‚).

Embed from Getty Images

The pretty ylang ylang flower, which grows on a tree that is native to Indonesia.


Love the chic, clear spray bottle, love that it’s non-toxic, love that there is no need to rinse. Just πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– it!


“hello, we’re method,” says the cute bottle! Well, I for one, am extremely pleased to meet you, method!


“we suspect there’s a direct correlation between clean tiles + big smiles,” the cute bottle tells us. “Oh, yes, indeedy!” we say. πŸ‘

And there you have it, folks! Mostly Mum says “yes” to method! Have you tried any of their products? Do tell in the comments section below.

Until next time, it’s:

πŸ’‹ (from) Mostly Mum

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  1. E Walker says:

    I like the ylang ylang fragrance so will give the Method cleaner a go! Thanks E!

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