Today Mostly Mum was mostly… washing her hair!


So today was mostly devoted to hair washing… Not entirely, mind you, as Baby C still needed to be fed, changed, entertained on repeat as did the rest of the fam (probably with the exception of the “changing” bit… 😹). It was also the first day of the Easter break so far that actually felt springlike (hallelujah!), which meant that we could finally venture out into the garden to survey its downtrodden state after a long winter of severe neglect, not to mention extreme weather (October’s Hurricane Ophelia, March’s Beast from the East, anyone?!).  Scary stuff, indeed, but hopefully we’ve turned a corner at last in the weather stakes… 🤞


They survey their surroundings with precision…


And it’s Good News! There are no craters, half buried meteors, asteroids or aliens. Mr C says it’s safe to play… so it must be! Hooray! (As a side note: Girls’ styling by: themselves  and approved by: Mostly Mum.)


But I digress… Enough of the weather and back to the topic at hand: hair washing. Especially since Baby C was born, hair washing (or, more specifically, the washing of my hair) has been a bit of an event (ie can’t happen too regularly so I really indulge once the opportunity arises. 😊) Usually, I plump for some sort of expensive brand that promises to turn the dullest of mousy brown highlighted hair into a kind of Brigitte Bardot blonde bombshell (see example posted above… oh and below).

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However, lately I have been tiring of the herby, grassy chamomile scent that is associated with the bulk of the “blonde” hair products. So while grocery shopping in one of the super dooper mega Sainsbury’s stores recently I was stopped in my tracks by the sheer beauty of the product below (that’s been happening quite a bit lately… the branding guys are certainly appealing to me, whether they meant to or not! 😉)


Super chic black and gold packaging? Check! A cool blurb in cool writing  with cool words that I won’t fully understand until I have the chance to consult Dr Google? Check! A promise to tame my unruly mop of fuzzy fuzz? Check! Not too expensive at an oh so reasonable £5? Check! A quick sniff? A divinely, sumptuously warm vanilla fragrance fills my senses… Check! Check! Check! That’s it! All my boxes have been ticked. This product is coming home with me ASAP.


And come home with me it did! The view from behind…


A closer look reveals the cutest blurb I’ve ever read:

Why You Want It… This formula with kukui nut oil (an ancient Hawaiian secret apparently 😉) helps to make tresses frizz-free, incredibly smooth and glossy, to help make everyday a ‘good hair’ day!

Say no more! Let me try it out right. now!

But did it deliver?

Yes, yes and emphatically yes! That gorgeous vanilla perfume made washing my hair today the best experience since…well… since cleaning the shower yesterday (if you haven’t read Spring Clean – The Sequel, check it out and all will become clear. 😉) And most importantly of all “my tresses were frizz-free, incredibly smooth and glossy.” Most definitely “a ‘good hair’ day!”

So much so that I’m heading back to Sainsbury’s right now to pick up the kukuí oil shampoo … They still do 24 hour opening, don’t they?!

Chat again v. soon!

💋 Mostly Mum

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