Today Mostly Mum was mostly… tied to the kitchen sink!


Ugh! Today was just one of those days that I felt well and truly tied to the kitchen sink… Approximately 7am my Lulu (aka Baby C) alarm went off. Darn and double darn! Was too tired to wash bottles last night so now I had to haul myself out of bed and down to the kitchen sink to the soundtrack of Lulu’s plaintive wails. Ok, job done! Back upstairs to feed Baby C. Once fed he might just…

Pitter patter, knock, knock! “We’re hungry! What’s for breakfast?” Lulu’s big sisters entered the scene, now fully awake thanks to the aforementioned wails and were eagerly anticipating a chocolate themed breakfast. Mostly Mum was less eager but resigned to the fact that any chance of a snooze post early morning feed had now evaporated into thin air. So back to the sink I dutifully (if also – bad Mum alert –Β  a little grumpily) went…

By about 8:30 am the girls were sated, dressed and brimful of energy for the day ahead. I had just finished the washing up and was about to sit down with a nice steaming, hot, homemade latte… And then the Lulu alarm went off again. He had just woken up for breakfast. So back to the sink I had to go…


“Ah, there you are, Mama! What’s for breakfast? Something nice, I hope!” πŸ˜‹


“No cameras! Just, feed me!” 😠


“Whadiya mean it’s all gone? I neeeed mooore nooow!” 😩

Breakfast done! Lulu happy and sleepy, I decided to cuddle up beside him as he fell asleep. “I’ll just shut my eyes for a minute,” I remember saying to myself and that was it, we were both out for the count until… 4pmAargh! 4pm!! “Who am I? Where am I? Why did nobody think to wake either of us? They’ll all be waiting for lunch…” So back to the sink in a dazed fuzzy haze I simply had to go…

Lunch was finally done with everything washed up by aroundΒ 5pm.Β 5pm!Β Just in time to start preparing dinner. The glare from the kitchen sink was now beginning to hurt my eyes but had. To. Plod. On…

9pm… 9pm!Β Dinner done, washed up, just in time for… bed!


“Shh! Lulu’s asleep! 😴 But, look at my nails after all that washing up! Manicure time… methinks.” πŸ’…πŸ»


First step:

Remove old polish with this gorge white peach scented nail polish remover from Sephora that I picked up while on holiday in Bonn last year. (Love Sephora soooo much!! It was one of my “happy places” while living in Paris. Why oh why don’t we have any in London?! Oh, that reminds me, must tell Hubby to book a trip to France… or Germany… or any other country with Sephora ASAP! It’s an S.O.S. (Seriously Out of Sephora) situation! 😩


Second step:

Apply this utterly fabulous shade of neon pink (596 ROSE NEON) from Chanel’s latest collection. So pretty, so pink, so perfect… What’s that? Is it toxic chemical free? Don’t know, don’t want to know… La la la la la…Β πŸ™‰


Third step:

All neon polishes tend to be quite matt so, for that extra shine, just one slick of Chanel’s Le Gel Coat should do it! Oopsie! A bit messy around the edges… Now wherever did I put that nail polish correction pen? I know it’s here somewhere… but what’s this?


I had TOTALLY forgotten about this treaclemoon hand cream. The girls convinced me to buy it while shopping in the super dooper mega Tesco a few weeks ago. They just wanted it because of the unicorn picture… or was that me… can’t be completely sure! Oh, well, whatever! That super creamy cherry scented formula is divine though! πŸ’ As is the πŸ¦„ pic.! πŸ˜‰

That’s it! Manicure done! Day done! Now time for some serious R&R… But wait… What’s that? The Lulu alarm? Again?! Oh no! No clean bottles… Back to the sink I must go… πŸ˜’

Until next time, my dear readers!

πŸ’‹ Mostly Mum

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