Baby C. Pop Star Wannabe?!


A few days ago, my Baby C. was playing with his toy robot on the floor when a thought occurred to me… Baby C., aka Lulu, really reminds me of someone and not just his dad (although the resemblance is uncanny!) or even my dad (even though… from certain angles… yes, I can definitely see it!). “Just who do you remind me of,” I wondered aloud.


“I dunno. Fill me in!,” answered Baby C. (Well, OK, not really, but let’s all play pretend, shall we? 😉)


“Erm…lemme think… I know, I know… U2’s Bono!”


“Oh, OK, how about… Boyzone’s Ronan Keating?”

“Uh… no, not him!”

“Alright then, could it be Take That’s Mark Owen?”

“No, no way!”

” The Script’s Danny O’ Donoghue, Westlife’s Kian Egan… Garfield?”

“No, no and… er…no!”


“I… sniff sniff… give…


Up! This is waaaay too hard… Waaaaaaah! Sniff sniff…”


“No wait! I’ve got it… Ed Sheeran!”

“Well, now that you mention it… But, no, I was more thinking… Bressie, aka Niall Breslin, from Irish band The Blizzards…

Back in 2011, he released that 80s’ electro pop influenced solo album Colourblind Stereo while the band were on hiatus?

He was a judge on The Voice of Ireland?

He’s now back in the studio recording new material with The Blizzards (yay!)?

He’s a bit of a style icon back in the Emerald Isle and has a penchant for tiger themed jumpers, just like you, Lulu! (Well, his are Kenzo and yours is… Zara Baby, but that’s just splitting hairs.)?”

Stony silence.

(Bressie in Kenzo, source Instagram, above and below.)

“See, Lulu, just like you!”

“Your mother refuses to let you into the house with that jumper on? Well, your mother is clearly devoid of all sense of style, Bressie! If my Lulu, comes home to me one day displaying even an inch of your fashion sense, I will be one very proud Irish ‘Mammy’!”

Brez and the boys from The Blizzards.

Oh, and, almost forgot! Bressie is besties with Niall Horan from 1D as they hail from the same Irish Midlands town, Mullingar! Up the ‘Gar!.. Or something… not too sure as have never been there despite it only being about an hour from my own hometown. But… look! It’s Nialler!!! 💖 Serious kudos, Brez!

Mr Breslin can be found on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and iTunes.

Here at Mostly Mum Towers we think he’s really kinda fab! But shhh! Don’t tell the Hubby I said that! (Never too long in the tooth to be a fangirl! 😳 Don’t you agree?😊)

💋 Mostly Mum

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