Baby Burn Out!


Grumpy with a capital “G”! That’s how I felt today! And the poor fam. probably bore the brunt of it, as each one of them was snapped at (to put it mildly) at some point in the course of the day 😳.

But the thing is I was suffering from a bad case of “baby burn out”, and in more ways than one. In one of my very early posts (all of three weeks ago!), New Beginnings, I alluded to the fact that there are currently two babies in my life (no, not twins!); my metaphorical baby, which is this blog, and my actual baby, Caleb, aka Baby C, aka Lulu (just because!).

Out of those two babies, my metaphorical baby, this blog was probably giving me the most grief and not for the reasons that you might think… You see, back in January when I scrawled the words “start blog” on the scrap of paper that constituted my New Year’s Resolutions List, I didn’t really know a great deal about blogs, aside from the fact that anyone can set one up from home (so could be a solution to the “wanting to relaunch career without paying for childcare” issue) and also that a small set of blogging people can actually do quite well for themselves.

And then there was the fact that apart from one really fun mummy blog ( that I accidentally stumbled across while pestering Dr Google about some newborn Baby C. worry, I had never knowingly read any…

This, though, was a good thing I reasoned as fewer influences meant fewer possible plagiarism accusations… maybe. So prior to launching my blog the only research I did  (I know, so unusual for me!) was the technical side, ie, the how-tos of setting yourself up online etc.

Once this was actually achieved, I may have lost the run of myself ever so slightly with blogging enthusiasm. I may even have become… dare I say it… a blogging bore, tormenting everyone who would politely listen to my idea stash, thoughts of world domination etc. (Well, one of my primary school teachers did accuse me of having a vivid imagination – the barefaced cheek, moi, jamais!)

I was so excited about my new “career” that I barely slept… I had to “create” in silence. In reality, that meant in the dead of night, as during the day, I have…um… you know, mummying duties to attend to.

But as the number of published posts began to swell, fears of making newbie blogging booboos began to haunt me so… bit by bit… little by little… I began to actually research the dos and don’ts of writing a blog. And… oh my… the choice of articles was limitless. It seemed that every blogger known to Dr Google had put in their two cents worth.

“Do blog often,” they said.

“Don’t blog often,” they said.

“Write long, detailed posts,” they said. (“No chance!”, I thought)

“Don’t write long, detailed posts.” they said (“Suits me better!” I thought)

“Don’t aim for perfection!,” they said. (“Impossible,” I said.)

“Make every post the best post (a probable viral post! 😨),” they said. (“Impossible,” I said.)

In short, TMI (or Too Much Information and not of the icky kind, of the actual Too. Much. Information kind!).

Having absorbed all of this well-meaning, well-reasoned advice (special shout out to Eric Kim’s 50 Blogging Tips For Beginners,, though – that was helpful and not at all shouty 😌), my brain felt as if it had blown a fuse, truly. Talk about information overload…

And then there was the advice to check out some of the super blogger sites. A good friend of mine mentioned another London-based-Irish-mum-of-three blogger, Eimear Varian Barry ( “You’ll love her!,” she said. And love her I did!!

But the more I perused her be-a-ut-i-ful site, the more my heart sank… Just look at her pics! She looks like a model! Dr Goooooogle, is she a model??? Just look at those professional (no quality issues!) pics!. My bestest most honest friends told me mine could do with work, lots of work  😧. And then, there was her niche! It was the same as mine, kind of! Could I be accused of copying when I hardly knew what a blogger was, like, two weeks ago…?

Oh the terrible, heart breaking trauma… My dreams of world domination were most definitely in pieces, minute shards of glass piercing my very essence! (Oh, ok, am exaggerating, only slightly though!) And then there was the minor issue of her stats, her numbers, and the fact that they were actually maaaajor, astronomical even. My dreams were now well and truly dead in the water. Just. Cannot. Compete!

In protest at the utter injustice of it all, I wasn’t going to post at all tonight… But then, I had this idea and I just had to get it down before I forgot… Old habits die hard… Or should that be… new habits…

So to move away from metaphorical baby (blogging) burn out and onto actual baby burnout… My Baby C., my Lulu, is just quite hard work at the moment… He doesn’t like his cot! (Prefers my head, for some unknown reason!) I know, I know!  The words Rod, Own, Back, do, in actual fact, spring to mind! He insists on setting his Lulu alarm to go off, without fail, at 2am every night/morning…. What’s that? Oh there we go, like clockwork… Back in a bit…

Ok… pant… am back but beware… there will be a high typo count as Lulu’s fallen asleep. On. My. Head. Again…

Now where were we? Oh, yes! Lulu is hard work… he likes to be held, all the time… He hates me doing anything that doesn’t involve him… Cleaning’s a big no no! Playpen’s a major no no! He. Will. Break. Out. Of. That… And then there is the pulling down of everything, the eating of EVERYTHING, the climbing of everything save Mount Everest (just give him time!)… His sisters weren’t like that, were they? Well, they do say: boys are made of slugs, snails and puppy dog tails… Must be true, after all!

I could go on and on, but they (?) also say that: a picture paints a thousand words! So here are lots of them, ’cause, you know, I need to get my word count up (Beginner Blogger Rule No. … oh. God knows…). Here are the pics, with some guest appearances in the form of Lulu’s besties, Baby Orson and Baby James, oh and his sisters too…


Hug a hoodie… or not!


It’s all kicking off now…


What’s all this about monkey business? There aren’t any monkeys around here… 🐒

Oh, wait…


“No feet on the seats!” they say. So there you go…

And the guest stars…


It’s Baby Orson! What an angelic little cherub! 😍


Hang on! Is there a glint in those gorgeous baby blues?


Who is leading whom astray, I wonder?


“Hey guys! Wait up! I’m coming over… This little monkey is looking for some action… games, songs, maybe?! Give me fiiiiiive!” 🙊 Baby Jaaames, no monkey business!

And now for the sisters…

July & Alizée's 1st Birthday 102

Alizee, aka Zia, aka ZZ (just because!) snapped on her 1st birthday in the pre-iphone era… Gasp! How on earth did we survive? How did people blog? Did they use actual clunky computers?! The mind boggles… And on a separate note, how was that baby so clean? How was that apartment so spotless? The mind boggles… again!

NewYork08 022.jpg

Oh my! We could actually leave this one adjacent to a window, in Manhattan, without worrying about escape attempts… Those were the days… How I miss 2008!

NewYork08 104.jpg

Baby Z in a backpack in Times Square! And again we note how there were no escape attempts made… Lulu, take note!


And here we have Elodie, aka Elle, aka Dee Dee (just because!). How pretty, how pink, how perfectly behaved! Again, Lulu, Lulu…!


Elodie looking angelic with pink bunny, who is now black, tattered bunny, in case you were wondering… 😢🐰


So good! She would even help Mostly Mum with the shopping! Not Lulu! He would have been out of there…


Aww! Sad but resigned! No hysterics here!


But wait… What’s this?  A Dee Dee escape attempt… with the theft of ZZ’s Minnie Mouse bag thrown into the bargain?! Can’t be! That pic. is such poor quality (some things never change, eh!) that I’m not sure that it is Elodie… Could she have an evil twin somewhere?


Ah, yes! Definitely an evil twin alert! My Dee Dee would never make an escape attempt like that? Now, Lulu, on the other hand…

So there you have it, my dear readers, an extra long post. I did it! If you think there were too many words tonight, don’t blame me! The blogging experts made me do it! It was all their idea.

But do let me know in the comments section below… because without comments I am nothing they say… Oh dear, where oh where will it all end?

Until next time, it’s:

💋 (from) Mostly Mum


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  1. Laura F says:

    You’re doing a great job Edel! Love reading your blogs.. kids are only gorgeous and your pictures are perfect 😘

    1. edelcurran says:

      Thank you, Laura! So glad you like it! 😊😘

  2. Lola Gonzalez says:

    Really loving the posts and how much I see my crazy life in yours!! Again! Currently juggling a psychology master with looking after a seven month old who WON’T stay in chair/cot/rocker… not easy the life of a mum when we try to be creative!!
    Keep going! Blog is great and soooo entertaining!!

    1. edelcurran says:

      Aw! Thanks, Lola! It’s really lovely to hear from other mums who just “get” it! That alone, truly, makes the lows worthwhile! Wishing you all the very best with your little one and your studies. 😊😘

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