Six Aldi Products we all need in our lives right now…


Mostly Mum has a confession to make… She (whisper it!) hates shopping for food! But that can’t be, can it? Mostly Mum is a bit of a (whisper it,again!) shopaholic and shopping is shopping after all… But no, as far as Mostly Mum is concerned, grocery shopping is up there with “driving in rush hour traffic during the school run” in stressful activities.

And the most stressful part of this chore is the food part. Am I alone in thinking that food is stressful? Constant meal planning… Making the right food choices… when all we want to do is make the wrong food choices! Then there is the fact that it is practically impossible to know anymore what exactly the right food choices are since the “experts” seem to be constantly changing their minds.

Remember when fruit was deemed to be healthy for children? Well, now, we’re told all those naturally occurring sugars are bad for them so proceed with care  😮. And natural fruit juice is as bad as fizzy drinks for their teeth, if we are to believe everything we read. As are sticky raisins, apparently! Who knew?! Until the next study, when everything will be turned on its head… yet again. 😠

So, yes, food shopping is a major source of stress for Mostly Mum and, as a result, is easily distracted by non food items while on the grocery shop, particularly in Waitrose (inevitable, really!) but also in Aldi (gasp!).


In actual fact, Aldi is up there with Primark when it comes to satisfying shopping experiences. This is mainly down to the fact that it doesn’t cost an actual arm and a leg to buy food there. Always a plus in Mostly Mum’s books. But most satisfying of all is the fact that Aldi stocks the most gorgeous high-end feel beauty products that cost… well practically nothing! Honestly!

You don’t believe me?! Well, just wait until you see what Mostly Mum found in the Aldi aisles this week…

1. Caviar Illumination Day Cream


I am normally not one for heavy-duty face creams. They are usually astronomically expensive and don’t offer any immediate transformation to the appearance so Mostly Mum tends to put these right at the bottom of her “nice things to buy” list.

But this little gem is different… It’s not just any old heavy-duty anti-ageing cream… It contains Caviar extract – a super luxe active ingredient rich in protein vitamins and minerals – and, even more mind-blowing, it is also said to detoxify the skin cells, decrease skin redness and enhance natural skin glow. All for the paltry sum of £6.99. Wow! Just wow!

I’ve been using it for a few days now and I can already see a transformation! My skin is definitely looking more radiant… Quite a feat with the persistent dismal weather we’ve been having lately! 🌧️


Then there is the Lacura (Aldi’s very own beauty brand) philosophy (I do love a philosophy!). “Our products are carefully formulated with the finest ingredients to provide the perfect skincare routine,” the circular shaped blurb tells us. Mostly Mum most definitely approves!

2. Miracle Cream


Miracle Cream! Ahhh! The name alone is almost enough to tell me everything I need to know. If it promises miracles, it is magical as far as I’m concerned and into the basket it is going to go.

But once home, out of the box and tried out, I know that it truly is a miracle cream. Reminiscent of Elizabeth Arden’s 8 Hour Cream, a celeb beauty must-have, but smells sooo much nicer (a heady mix of lavender and rose), the creamy vaseline like formula took my weather-beaten pout from flaky to fabulously silky in an instant. As for the lip gloss like shine, divine!

And not only that! It’s not just for lips, but also nails, eyebrows, anywhere we wax or shave. Dry skin is blitzed. In the blink of an eye! Now that is what I call a miracle!

How much did you say? No more than £3.99. No, that’s definitely not a typo! I know!

3. Care & Repair Cocoa Glow Body Lotion


Again, Aldi, you’ve done it for me with the words alone. It’s going to care for me and repair me – need it! It’s going to make me glow and smell like chocolate – want it now!

But does it live up to the hype once tried and tested! Does it ever! Aldi, we are (almost) not worthy of your genius! But if you insist…

And the price? Wait for it… £0.85. No word of a lie! Incredible, really!

4. Crazy Cola Handwash


Got kids like mine with permanently mucky mitts but who hate hand washing? Mostly Mum’s found the perfect soapy solution – Aldi’s Crazy Cola Handwash – for only £0.75. If you did a double take at the £0.75 part, you’re not alone… I did too! But it’s completely true and just as well really considering the rate at which my mucky mice are getting through it! I had better make sure they’ve not been eating it! Well, you never know! It does smell like the yummiest cola bottles I’ve ever tasted! Nom, nom! 😋

5. Abbott & Broome Rhubarb & Rose Luxurious Liquid Hand Wash


This Molton Brownesque liquid soap is currently displayed (I used the word “displayed” deliberately because that bottle is so very worthy of being on display!) on Mostly Mum’s kitchen sink. And I can’t tell you how much I looooove it! The fact it smells exactly like rhubarb & rose and not some artificially chemically created concoction. The fact it doesn’t dry out my hands, ever! The fact it only cost me £0.95!

In fact, I can’t wait until it runs out so I can dash back out to Aldi to get the Lime & Patchouli one, or the Wild Rose & Mulberry one, or maybe even, the Clementine & Grapefruit one… or better still all of them. At £0.95 a pop I can afford to! Smug face, me? Just a bit! 😏

6. Blackberry & Bay No 2 Luxury Fragranced Candle


And last but most definitely not least is the di.vine Blackberry & Bay No 2 Luxury Frangranced Candle. Now this is the star of the show! With a luxurious scent reminiscent of diptique’s classic Baies and presented as chicly (ok, well, almost!) as the best of Jo Malone, this candle was coming home with me. No question about it!

But the price? I couldn’t see a price! Damn I soooo wanted to have No 3, the pomegranate one, as well, but no, that would be one indulgence too far. Just look at the packaging… It’s got to cost at least £10!  And then I got to the till… £3.99! £3.99! But now it was too late to go back for the No 3! Drat and double drat! Will just have to schedule an extra Aldi shop into the week now. Sacrifices will have to be made!

Aldi – luxe for less! Who would’ve thought! Well, now you know!

You’re all so very welcome!

(Comments, please!)

💋 Mostly Mum

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