Mostly Mum’s baby bulge fight – a losing battle?


Today Mostly Mum had a moment of lucidity – this battle of the baby bulge is on the very long road to nowhere! I’m not sure where exactly this light-bulb moment came from.

Was it just after I had stuffed myself with a third slice of Granny’s cake? (Three slices? Yes, I know, excessive! It’s all the stress, I tell you! 😳)

Or was it when I realised that I had substituted a healthy, balanced breakfast with cake? 🐷 (Again, I must reiterate, it must be down to all the stress! 😳)

Or when I trawled through my clothes rail only to decide on something tent shaped… yet again. Ugh, how depressing!

Then there was the daily scroll through my Instagram feed… First up, Eimear Varian Barry, an Irish-born, London-based, yummy mummy super blogger whom I follow.

As I dipped into her latest story video there it was at the very end… And it had all been going so well too with cute clips of her gorgeous daughters bonding with their brand new baby brother… A clip of Eimear looking into a cupboard devoid of sweet stuff, then doing a close-up-to-camera to earnestly tell us all that she was having terrible sugar cravings!

“Sugar cravings?! Aargh! That can’t be! She can’t have sugar cravings unless… she’s given up sugar… But it’s only been about a month since she had her baby son! So she must be on a… gulp… diet… gulp… already!” I reasoned to myself.

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Being this close 😭❤️ I’m so so in love. A much better day today. You never know how you’re going to deal with something life changing do you…thank you so much for your messages. I have an unbelievably beautiful, healthy baby. But it’s been a bloody rough week emotionally. Massive highs and lows which scared the shit out of me and I’m having nightmares about the birth which I can’t get out of my head all through the day, which has made me cry even more🙈 On my own with my THREE for the first time today and yes!! So much easier going from 2-3!! I know i’ll get out of this, but nobody can assure you enough for you to actually believe it. I never had this postpartum with the girls😳 Lennon is a dream😭 It’s like he puts the world in slow motion when he opens his eyes. Saoirse is very sweet and maternal and Harper is too….at times…more like in a female wrestler way 😂😆

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The gorgeous Eimear! Judging from this pic alone, I can tell she’s about half my size as it is! 😮

So to get over the shock of Eimear’s D-word revelations, I decided to scroll through the feed of Binky from Made In Chelsea. 

Then imagine my shock when, expecting to find cutsie pics of baby India, I find this: 😮

Binky looking fit!

A perfectly gym-honed Binky body! “That’s it!”  I thought. “Must step away from the Instagram. Have had enough computer already today, thank you very much!”

But what to do now? No Instagram to scroll through! No cake to eat… and all because I had been literally sitting around for the past 11 months waiting for the baby bulge to melt away as if by magic.

And that is when it hit me like a ton of bricks…


Isn’t this just the truth?!

Unfortunately, I had been one of those “want it to happen, wish it to happen” people. But not for much longer!

Mostly Mum has finally decided to take some positive action towards a slimmer, healthier her. A bit like in this pic.:


Starting goals: To look a bit more like this… (Pic. taken on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice when Elle was around eight months old!) Gotta start somewhere, right?

Now all I’ve got to do is to decide on a definitive course of action. Which diet to choose? Which exercise program to follow?

If there was ever a case of too much choice this is it!

And that is where you could be of enormous assistance, my dear readers! Any  diet/exercise suggestions or tales of success would be so helpful! Just drop them in the comments section below.

Let’s work together to inspire each other!

Thank you soooo much. 😊

To be continued…

💋 Mostly Mum

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  1. Kym Richards says:

    I love your blog Edel!!!! I am so happy you are not “perfect” co there is no such thing!! You are gorgeous!! And funny 😂

    1. edelcurran says:

      Aw! So lovely to hear that, Kim! Thank you. 😊

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