Mostly Mum’s Laundry Lessons


Mostly Mum’s Laundry Dos and Dont’s

  1. Do separate the whites from the darks.
  2. Do check garment label for instructions before washing.
  3. Do follow instructions from garment label.
  4. Do make sure a random red or black item has not somehow fallen into the white wash (unless you are fed up of brilliant white and actually want to turn the white items pink or grey!).
  5. Do pretreat ink, red wine, oil and blood stains. (Disclaimer: This is no guarantee the stain will ever be removed!)
  6. Don’t rub stain so much that you also remove a patch of dye from the garment. (I’ve only ever done this once, or maybe twice…well, ok, quite a few times! 😳)
  7. Don’t machine wash items that are “dry clean only”.
  8. Don’t machine wash delicates (unless you want to achieve the distressed look!)
  9. Don’t tumble dry woollens on a high temperature (unless shrinkage is the desired result!)
  10. Don’t forget to add washing power!
  11. Don’t forget to add fabric conditioner!
  12. Don’t put washing powder in the fabric conditioner drawer and vice versa!
  13. Don’t forget to select the appropriate cycle (often more complicated than it sounds!)
  14. Don’t forget to read the washing machine manual if no. 13 is proving impossible.
  15. Don’t forget to switch on the washing machine!
  16. Once washed and dried, don’t forget to iron (but only if absolutely necessary, ie, very visibly wrinkled!).
  17. Don’t forget to do all of the above! 😳



“Mama, can I wear my Mickey Mouse top today?”

“No, not today! Sorry, my Lulu!”


“Whaddiya mean, no, Mama! I don’t understand!”

“Well, It’s just that…


“Why, Mama? Why oh why?”



“Yes… Mama, whaaaat?”

“Mama forgot to do the washing this week and your favourite Mickey Mouse top is still dirty! So sorry, Lulu!”


“That’s it! You’ve ruined my day now, Mama! Waaaaaah!”

“Oh dear!”


Never ever forget Mostly Mum’s laundry lesson no. 17! 😧

(Laundry) lesson learned!

Until next time…

💋 Mostly Mum

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