Mostly Mum’s Bilou Bliss!

IMG_3606Mostly Mum is so in love with Bilou! “Bil…who?”, you say. Bilou, my dear readers!

A totally fabulicious beauty brand from Germany! “Germany?!” you say. Yes, Germany, my dear readers!

While Germany might not be as synonymous with beauty and fashion brands as her more illustrious neighbour, France, I can assure you, having spent extended periods of time living there, that Germany is very happening when it comes to beauty and fashion trends.

While Primark is my fast fashion fix as soon as I land in Ireland, beauty (oh and toys for the girls!) emporium MΓΌller is my priority destination once back on German soil. And luckily for me, the Hubby has family based in Germany so we are over and back quite often.

In fact, it was during one of these family orientated visits in 2016 that I first discovered Bilou. While perusing (and randomly sniffing) the rows upon rows of “made in Germany” beauty products, Bilou’s Lovely Peach shower foam (top right in the pic. above) caught my eye.

It was probably the packaging. Packaging is everything to Mostly Mum. “If it can’t be on show, home it doesn’t go!”, is my motto. (Well, at least, I hope it is! I’m not always as original as I’d like! 😳)

And then there was the scent… I am partial to peach anyway but Bilou’s peach is just… beyond peachy! Sweet, smooth, slightly tangy, or, in a word, yummyyyy! Think Haribo Peaches! So much so that those clever Bilou people had to print the following warning at the end of their “philosophy”:

Aber Achtung, bilou Duschschaum ist nicht zum Verzehr geeignet πŸ˜‰

Or, in other (English) words… Bilou shower foam is not edible! (If only!)

Oh and that also reminds me! This is a foam rather than a gel, which I loooove! So creamy, so silky, so foamy, so gimmicky! I just wish I would learn to stop dropping it off my shower puff before it reaches my body… The waste… the wanton waste…😩

In short, from that day on, I’ve been a Bilou devotee with each subsequent trip yielding yet more delicious products to add to my collection…

Cotton Candy shower foam? Yes, please!

Yummy Lemon shower foam? Had to have it!

Vanilla Cake Pop? Only lasted a day. Need more!

Fizzy Berry? So delish!

And as for the Chocolate Cupcake? Disappeared not long after I bought it!

Prime suspect: my biggest baby, ZZ, who also happens to be a confirmed chocoholic! Oh no! What if she’s eaten it?! 😧

Also starring in Mostly Mum’s Collection:


Tasty Donut bodyspray – Dunkin’ Donuts, eat your heart out! That’s all I can say about this one! πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

Cotton Candy foam moisturiser. It’s a foaming moisturiser and it smells of cotton candy. Speaks for itself, really!

Missing from MM’s current collection (but not for long!πŸ˜‰) :

  1. Coco Cocktail.
  2. Pink Melon.
  3. Creamy Mandarin.
  4. Happy Spring.
  5. Slushy Apple. (I could have sworn I had this one! “ZZ!!!!”)

Anything else to know?

Oh yes! Bilou prides itself on being a natural product and that means:

  1. No mineral oils.
  2. No parabens.
  3. No silicones.
  4. 100% vegan.

Is that it?

No, not quite… Bilou is now available in Superdrug!! My secret’s out! And has been trending all over social media for some time now!

See! I’m never original! 😩

Until next time…

πŸ’‹ Mostly Mum


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