School Run Fun!



Fun on the school run?! Has Mostly Mum taken leave of her senses? Gone a bit stir-crazy, perhaps?

No, no, of course not, my dear readers! (At least, I hope not! 🤞)

Mostly Mum is just making the best of things! Seasoned readers will know only too well how we feel about the dreaded school run here at Mostly Mum Mansion (the word “mansion” is not to be taken too literally either…🙊)

But this a.m. the sun was shining (still is as I write ☀️) and I needed paper for the printer so I thought, “Baby C is happy in his buggy, instead of dashing straight home for a morning of chores (ugh!), why not take a little sunshiny exercise with a gentle stroll to the shops?”

So stroll to the shops, or Poundland for printer paper, to be more precise, it was!

However, once through those dangerous doors (in more ways than one… 😳), what did I find (for a £1 a pop)?



I never have enough shoppers for the supermarket so this will come in handy! And I am practically a professional shopper, after all! 💖🛍

Ditto, this:


And who could resist a bag with rainbows and palm trees? Certainly not me! Just missing the unicorns...💖 🌈🌴🦄

Double ditto, this:


Because it’s true, I do!


Oh and who could possibly say no to all of this?


Most definitely not Mostly Mum!!

  • Two mascaras, Never-ending Story lengthening mascara and Turn Up The Volume and define mascara… I couldn’t decide between them so both were plopped into the basket.
  • Two neon polishes from Models Own. So perfect for summer!
  •  All about the pout lipstick in Babydoll Pink! 💋 it!
  • Gorgeous flawless long-lasting foundation. Yes, please!
  • And a nail polish perspex organiser to display such a sumptuous stash? Definitely!!

Oooh! Mustn’t forget the kids!


Alizée will just love these for school!  ❤️❤️❤️

Can’t forget Baby C:


This is so him!!!

As are these:


Baby C is definitely “too cool for drool”.  (Doesn’t stop him though!) And “sleeping is cheating” but Mostly Mum so needs a break… Phew.

A fashionable pit stop should do it…


Aww, yes! That’s soo much better!

Now why do I feel like I forgot something…. Will have to think about it later… Must dash… Am late for the darned school run… A.Gain!!! 😳

Until next time…

💋 Mostly Mum


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