The School Run(way) US Style…


OMG! It’s baaaack! And with a bang! Today, we have the School Run(way) but with an international twist,  or a good ole U S of A  twist to be more precise!

I am lucky in that my local community is a vibrantly diverse international one. That means a school run(way) brimming with style inspiration from the four corners of the globe and I just looove it so much!

Today’s star turn comes to us courtesy of US born and bred Erica, one of my bestest besties in the whole world!! But that is not why I’m featuring her today! She just radiates beauty both inside and out, and everyone who knows her will tell you the exact same thing…

And not only that but she is a living, breathing Supermum/ Supermom! This Mum of six (no, not a typo, yes six!) beautiful children (all under ten!) works part-time as a physiotherapist at one of our local hospitals and does all kinds of voluntary charitable work as well as caring for her beautiful brood. Ph.Ew!

On top of all that, (and, great genes aside, I truly do not know how she does it!) she looks totally fabulous day in day out, while, quite literally, doing it all! But don’t just take my word for it… Have a look for yourselves…


I know!! Totally fab.U.Lous. And (celebs take note!) completely au natural! This Minnesota gal doesn’t need any… ahem… help. Heck… she doesn’t even need the gym. 😮 Running about after her brood of six is all the exercise she needs… Come to think of it… Maybe that’s all I need to look this fab… three more beautiful babies!! 👶🏼👶🏼👶🏼 Now, if only I could convince the Hubby… 😩

But back to Erica…. We might not all be as genetically blessed as she is but we can always steal her totally gorgeous casual chic US style…

And here’s how:


Maui Jim, approx. £195. Erica got hers on a recent holiday to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico (I know!!!) but you can pick up a similar style at:


Erica doesn’t wear lots of makeup (she simply doesn’t need to!) but she does like a nice slick of lipstick and today she is wearing:

Lancôme Paris L’Absolu Rouge in 06 Rose Nu. This shade is practically sold out everywhere but, luckily for us, eBay does still have a few left from around £20 – Mine’s already on its way… 😊

PS: Erica also loves Minneapolis brand Aveda – (Note to self: check this out later!)


Erica’s necklace was a gift from her wonderful hubby so she doesn’t know the exact cost… Shh! Don’t tell her but similar styles of  gold necklace and diamanté gold cross can be found at:


This Minnesota girl is true to her roots with this fab jacket from Minneapolis brand, Express! (Minneapolis, the new New York?!) Erica got hers a few years ago but you can pick up a similar style from around $70 at


Erica picked up her Breton stripe top (so perfect for spring!) in a US branch of Gap a few years back for around $20. You can shop similar styles at:


Similarly, Erica got her comfortable but oh so chic boot cut jeans at a US branch of Gap a few years ago for around $70. Similar styles can be found, as before, at:


Erica found her gorge Dune bag in TK Maxx – a bargain at £35! Similar styles can be found at:


And last but not least, our US girl is faithful to fab US “comfy but cool style” with these great black trainers from Nike. Erica picked up hers at a local sports shop – they were on sale so a steal at £70. But you can grab yours from:

Fave shops:

Gap, Express, John Lewis, TK Maxx and Aveda.

And her style icon?

This US gal is such an original that she doesn’t have any style influences per se. (How cool is that?! A trend setter as opposed to follower, like me… 😉)

But upon being pressed (so sorry, E, but you know me, annoying like that! 😳), she did admit that she quite liked Grace Kelly’s regal style of old.

Mostly Mum most definitely agrees, E! A naturally beautiful all American style icon, just like you! 💋💋💋

Embed from Getty Images

The exquisite Grace Kelly, pictured in 1954. ❤️

Embed from Getty Images

Such a regal all American beauty – much like our Erica! 💋

So there you have it, folks! Another School Run(way) done and dusted.

Must dash now! The School Run(way) is calling… yet again.

Until next time…

💋 Mostly Mum

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