Mostly Mum’s Top 6 Family Friendly Products of the week… We can’t survive without these, can you?


Here at Mostly Mum HQ we are constantly on the lookout for that A star product! The one that will transform our family life in some small but significant way…

And this week, we’ve hit the jackpot! 🤑 Not just once, people!! But six times over with these absolute must-have beauties:


Oh the newness! Oh the shininess! Oh the loveliness! 💞💞💞

First up, we’ve discovered these two fab products from Childs Farm:


It’s moisturiser but not as we know it, folks!

Now there has been a bit of a buzz in the press over the last few months about these brand spanking new all natural kids’ products from Childs Farm (

‘Childs Farm? Who? Are they the new Johnson’s?’ you might quite reasonably ask. Well, yes and no. You see, Childs Farm is a new baby and childcare brand, so yes like  Johnson’s.

However, Childs Farm products contain only the purest most natural of ingredients and absolutely no nasties like artificial colours, parabens or mineral oils.

And best of all, instead of being a mega multinational corporation, Childs Farm was founded by British mumpreneur (I do love a mumpreneur success story!) Joanna Jensen when she started making her own all natural childcare products in her barn to suit her own children’s super sensitive eczema prone skin. According to an article in the Daily Mail Online ( dated 29 December 2017, Joanna is now selling £12 million worth of products a year! Wowser!

But what is the secret to her success? Well, apparently, the moisturisers pictured above are not only a great natural alternative to traditional baby and childcare products, they have also been reported to have a curative effect on stubborn skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis among the young and old alike. Double wowser!

This was, in actual fact, one of the main reasons I chose to trial the products this week as we do have some issues with psoriasis in our family. Where the children are concerned, I am not normally too concerned about using moisturisers in general but I  have made an exception this week as an after bath treat.

And the results:

An absolute joy to use! The baby moisturiser (a steal at £3.99) smells of the warmest, cuddliest baby powder you can imagine. It left Baby C’s skin silky soft and delicately scented. It was quite simply the most perfect bedtime treat!

The girls, meanwhile, felt super grown up to be allowed to use the kids’ version. Containing grapefruit and organic tea tree, the scent is just delicious and again the formula is perfect, not too rich or greasy. A definite staple chez Mostly Mum from now on.

With respect to the reputed curative effects, we haven’t been trialling it long enough to give a definitive answer but I will keep you all posted, promise!

Perched beside the Childs Farm moisturisers in Boots were these two (@ £3.99 each):


Two more Childs Farm delicacies? Oooh, don’t mind if I do.

Mostly Mum is not big on self-restraint when it comes to yummy all natural beauty treats but when faced with the deliciousness on offer from Childs Farm, quite frankly, who could blame me?

The organic raspberry bubble bath practically had Baby C’s name written all over it. In fact, never mind his name, just look at the picture! That so could be my Lulu (aka Baby C) dressed up as a pirate. I adore it!!

And as for the bubble bath experience. A tutti frutti raspberry ripple effect that was beyond bubbilicious! Baby C quite liked it too! 😉

Then we come to the 3 in 1 swim for hair-to-toe after swim care.  I had to have this as my ZZ has just started her once weekly swim lessons at school for the summer term. I normally dread swim season as the chlorine really messes up her hair leaving it dull and dangerously tangled (dangerous in that I have at times had to resort to scissors to remove those pesky knots! 😮).

And how did we fare?

Sooo much better! Z’s hair and skin are now smooth and shiny and, best of all, gone is the chemical pong. It’s strawberry and organic mint perfume all the way! I think I might need to steal a dollop for my shower later on… Shh! She doesn’t need to know!

Another beauty must-have for the pre-teens:

savingPNG.pngEmojis and lemon confetti – if nothing else will convince your pre-teen to use deodorant this will!

My ZZ is a great kid but she is also at that age where she is beginning to… er… smell (and not exactly of roses!). Thus far, she has been quite resistant to the various brands of  pre-teen deodorants I’ve purchased on her behalf.

But then Daddy found this in Germany last weekend for just €1.95 (yes, we do love Germany for fabulicious beauty products!) and hey presto, the problem has been solved. Bu-bye stinky sweat! Helloooo lemon confetti scent! 😍


And look! No nasties! Well, ok, it’s all in German but you can take my word for it!

Finally, (phew!), we have Mostly Mum’s award for superstar product of the week…


It’s none other than method’s Anti-Bac all purpose cleaner in wild rhubarb!

Now, my blog regulars will know from my earlier posts (Spring Clean, Parts 1 and 2) that I am partial to a delicious all natural household product to spice up those duller that dull daily cleaning chores. Method’s ylang ylang shower spray was, if you remember, a super spa cleaning experience but this wild rhubarb multipurpose cleaner (from £2.40) is, quite honestly, a super dooper spa cleaning experience!! In fact, it was so intoxicating that I am addicted to … cleaning (I know, who would’ve thought?!). And the result is that my entire house is sparkling and divinely rhubarb scented. Yum, just yum!


‘Kills 99.9% of Bacteria’. Oh yes, it does!


Method’s blurbs are the cutest! 💗


Oh yes, I am smart, to have chosen this blinder of a household product!


‘Easy to use’ and ‘made by and for people against dirty’ – does exactly as it says on the tin or… er… bottle! A method devotee, moi? Mais oui, totally!

And on that note, it’s a wrap, my dear readers!

As per usual, I would really love to hear your thoughts on the products featured…

Until next time…

💋 Mostly Mum


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