Mostly Mum’s Fitness Files #2 – #Diet Dilemmas!


Mostly Mum’s bid for fitness fabulousness is continuing in earnest…

My Instagram feed is currently brimming with fitspo pics such as the one of the lovely Louise below. I am therefore determined not to let my motivation slide.

#goals – the lovely Louise Thompson of Made In Chelsea fame.

So this a.m., I literally squeezed myself back into the lycra:


Alas, more stuffed sausage than fit ‘n’ fabulous (and yes, I am holding everything in here…). So sorry Sweaty Betty and Nike! Am not doing you justice! 😳

Once through the first round of the school run (a bit of an obstacle course, I tell you!), I speed pushed Baby C in his buggy to the nearest parade of shops to pick up some of this:


SlimFast! Well, yes, I am on the impatient side after all… And look! They’re on special offer!

I know! I know! I can hear everyone shouting: ‘It’s a fad! Not the sensible way to do it!’

Ok, maybe not! But I’m busy and… desperate and… I need to see results, some sort of result fast or I’ll just give up again! And, oh my gosh, it’s the 321 plan:


As easy as 123! Well, hopefully! 🀞🏻

Also, I have done some research (Mostly Mum does love a spot of research!) and according to quite a few, or more specifically, quite a few Mumsnetters, Slimfast does actually yield results!

‘I lost 3 stone doing slimfast a few years ago. I found it really easy as everything was already measured for you…’ (ElliottsMummy 02/08/2012 –

I believe you, ElliottsMummy and hope to be following in your fit footsteps oh so very soon!

Also in Mostly Mum’s diet arsenal:


Vanilla green tea, from Germany. Mmm! Germany is great for wellness products, beauty products, experts… ooh lots of things really! So fantastisch! β€οΈπŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ

And then because matcha green tea is reportedly great for boosting the metabolism (sooo need that right now!) I gifted myself with these two little beauties from Waitrose (naturally!):


Lean matcha green or supreme matcha green? Decisions, decisions… Aargh! Can’t decide, will take both, thank you very much! They’ve even been reduced to Β£2.35 from Β£2.85 – it’s my lucky day!

After a power walk home, with Baby C in his buggy of course, I was ready for a spot of exercise. Time was very limited as ever (as were my energy levels, if I’m honest!) so I plumped for another super speedy post natal workout from Amy:

Fit in 12 minutes! If you say so, Amy! 😊

I really, really enjoyed this workout today as it was exactly the level I needed having been out of the exercise loop for so long. Gentle yet effective (I could really feel the burn with those level 1 planks!). And then there is the fact that, like me, Amy had a C-section so she is really taking that into account with her choice of exercises. Just perfect!

Even Baby C wants in on the action:

savingPNG.pngIf you insist, Lulu!

Diet decided! Exercise done! Phew! Time for a treat! Absolutely no way I can spare a mo to wash my hair but a spray or two of this and a brush through should do the trick…


If it promises ‘golden goddessness’ I’m there! And it’s on special offer too – reduced from Β£3.39 to Β£1.69. Wow!

Yes, the sensational smell, the shimmering shine, the brilliant boost to my faded colour…Β  It’s all there! It’s fabulous, as I will be once I’ve completed the SlimFast challenge…

To be continued…

Until then…

πŸ’‹ Mostly Mum

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  1. Lola Gonzalez says:

    Once more you have hit the spot!!! Currently considering how to get back into shape (also had a C-section) so will give the video a go!! And do let me know if the Slimfast diet works!!! Xx

    1. edelcurran says:

      Will do, Lola! 😊 The video is fab. Hope it motivates you as much as it did me!! 😘

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