Can’t Globe Trot so why not Island Hop with Models Own?!


Mostly Mum has a dose of the grumps… again! The weather has changed from super summery to chillingly cool. So much for sorting out a capsule wardrobe for summer… 😞 It’s back to the drawing board we must go!

Oh and my new overhauled diet and fitness routine is making me hungry and irritable… and grumpy and tired. Now I know why I haven’t been more proactive about shifting the baby bulge… The cold turkey period is hellishly hard when you’re already exhausted. All. The. Time…

And on that note, why oh why am I always tired?? Baby C’s almost a year old… Should I go to the doctor?

No, on second thoughts, shelve that idea! I hate the doctor! They might not tell me what I want to hear so best avoided until I’m desperate…. But it could be too late by then? Aargh!

Oh well, too tired to dwell on it and there’s always Instagram to cheer me up…

But wait, why oh why oh why are all my fave celebs taunting me with their term time getaways to impossibly idyllic tropical destinations, looking taut and toned, while I’m freezing, wobbly and stuck in the school run rut? Gaaah!

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Savouring every last second β˜€οΈ

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Millie, smug? Sure looks like it from where I’m sitting! (Still love ya though, Millie!😊)

And then there is Louise, so pretty in pink as she island hops…

Hang on! Maybe I can do the pink island hopping thing too…

Well, not literally, obvs.!

Time to turn off the internet and paint my nails a fabulous shade of super zingy hot pink, aka Island Hop from Models Own 2016 Polish for Tans collection.Β  I picked this up the other day in Poundland for Β£1 (as you do) during one of my ‘supermarket sweep’ sessions (normal retail price is Β£4.99 so yes, Millie, I can do ‘smug’ too!) and boy, am I glad I did, as it is proving the perfect antidote to the diet dumps.

At first, I wasn’t sure and, despite the gloomy weather, I spent much of today with my eyes shielded behind oversized shades (Chanel, of course!) to combat the glare emanating from my tinted talons.

It has to be said that the overwhelming brightness of this shade made me feel more than a little conspicuous on the school run today but once home, and a nailfie or three (well, ok, more like 20) later, I decided that I loooove it! It makes me happy!


Almost as happy as this vintage Dior tote bag, a recent eBay find, makes me feel!

See, Millie and Louise, I can be glam and island hop too!

Well, sort of, kind of… (I’m making the best of my lot!)

Until next time…

πŸ’‹ Mostly Mum

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