From Budget to Budget Blowout – Mostly Mum’s Foundation Tried & Tested!


Foundation, a makeup basic that Mostly Mum has always been a teeny tiny bit afraid of…

You see, I’ve always thought that if not applied correctly, the overall effect can be more flawed than flawless and let’s face it, who wants to look worse with makeup on than off? Certainly not me!

Then, a few years ago, I discovered Dior’s Diorskin Nude  BB Creme and I realised that foundation can actually work wonders for your overall look, so much so that I am now confident enough to risk the risky, or in other words, a foundation that doesn’t cost a pretty penny!

Here is the lowdown on some of my more recent finds…

Makeup Gallery’s Gorgeous flawless Long Lasting Foundation


At £1 from Poundland this foundation is budget but beautiful! ❤️

It might be literally cheaper than chips but the coverage from this budget brand is great! The overall effect is smooth and glowing.

My only (very slight) criticisms would be that the smell is a bit reminiscent of the makeup that I used to steal from my mum’s collections back in the ’80s (a nostalgia not!) and also the level of protection from the UVA/UVB filters is not specified.

Overall, it would be my emergency supply, good for those days when your everyday brand is running a bit low.

But oh how pretty does it look on display! Always a huge plus in my book!

Bourjois Paris City Radiance Skin Protecting Foundation


It’s Bourjois! J’adore! 💖

Bourjois, sigh! I love love love everything about it! The smell, the look of the packaging, the glowy (beacause it’s anti-grise!) light reflecting pigments that distract attention away from my (many) flaws, the fact that it protects your delicate skin from the effects of city pollutants, the fact that it offers a high level of protection from the sun (SPF 30)…

Overall, this is my pick for everyday use, good quality, not too expensive (£9.99 from, super easy to apply, enhances rather than cakes my complexion… Perfect… Parfait! 💘

Diorskin Nude BB Creme


J’adore Diorskin Nude by Dior, always and forever! 💓

Voted one of the best ever BB creams by, it’s easy to see why this super lightweight, super scented, super luxe formula, which adapts to blend in perfectly with your skin tone, started my foundation love affair.

At £33 it is on the expensive side but soooo worth it… Well, at least it was, as while researching this article I discovered that it’s been… discontinued!!

I know!!! Nooooooo! Whyyyy?

One of the best foundations ever created and they stop producing it! And I’m not the only one who’s feeling miffed…

Luciana, a fellow beauty blogger (, wrote of our beloved BB “001” in March 2016…

‘I don’t know why, but Dior just discontinued this particular shade of their amazing BB Cream. It’s the best BBCream ever and the color was perfet for my fair skin. And now it’s gone. Just like that. No reason, no information why, they just removed it from their shelves. And left me very angry without the possibility to buy a backup (or ten).’

At least I only used mine for special occasions as I prized it so much…

But what do I do once I finally run out?

Well, I could always use this…

Vita Liberata illuminaze


An organic high-end alternative to my precious Dior BB Creme?

Containing organic aloe and argan, organic rosehip seed oil and organic passionfruit this airy luxe formula promises to hydrate, promote the production of the skin’s collagen, provide antioxidant anti-ageing benefits and create the overall impression of a ‘more beautiful complexion’.

But does it deliver?

Yes, absolutely!

Overall, it feels like a luxurious high quality product and the fact that is  ‘all natural’ and organic is a definite plus. It definitely  smooths and perfects my complexion for a more polished look so is totally worth the £24 price tag.



I do like it but I just don’t love it!

How….ever, it just isn’t as perfect as my Dior BB Creme. 😞

Oh well, (as ever when a precious possession is discontinued or lost or… broken…) it’s eBay to the rescue! Yay!

Overall verdict:

Where foundation is concerned it just has to be a budget blowout for me. And if all else fails (or they discontinue your fave Dior product! 😠) there is always Bourjois to beautify your day (oh and face too)!

Until next time…

💋 Mostly Mum

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