Which Glam Ghost Resides Chez M.M.?


Oh yes, what a question… A glam… ghost? Can such a thing even exist since many would attest that ghosts themselves don’t exist?!

And if it were so that ghosts should exist out there somewhere in the ether how could they be equated with glam, glamour, glamouressness even?!

Then, for non seasoned readers of this blog there is the question of chez who?

M.M. are Meghan Markle’s initials surely, you know, that glam lady from the US who is soon to be married to Prince Harry…

An existential question with a possible royal connection…

Hmm… interesting!

Well, apologies in advance, Sherlock, but I’m about to burst your bubble as, M.M., far from denoting future royalty, is, in actual fact, referring to the more banal, Mostly Mum, author extraordinaire (not really, I just have a thing for catchy titles… 🤦) of this blog.

Oh and as for the ‘glam ghost’… it’s my Louis Ghost chair by Philippe Starck for Kartell, of course!

You can’t get a much more glam Ghost than this, can you?


The transparency of the chair creates a ghostly, ‘barely there’ silhouette. ❤️ it!

French superstar designer Philippe Starck released the Louis Ghost for Kartell back in 2002 and it has been deservedly recognised as a design masterpiece ever since.

Inspired by the Louis XVI chair, an upholstered armchair that was popular during the reign of Louis XVI and his queen, Marie Antoinette, it is made in a single, unbroken piece from the very modern material known as polycarbonate plastic.

It is this juxtaposition of the new durable (it’s even suitable for outdoor use!) material against the old design that creates the overall feel of a uniquely modern yet classically beautiful piece of furniture.

Originally, the Louis Ghost appeared in the iconic crystal clear version, pictured above, but has since expanded  (a bit like the Bourgie, see earlier post!) to include a variety of translucent pastel shades and a solid white as well as the solid black version pictured below.


More than ten years ago M.M. (Mostly Mum) invested in two crystal and two solid black Louis Ghost Chairs for around £165 each. This price has now risen to £225 per chair (Grahamandgreen.co.uk). Not a bad investment, eh, Mostly Dad?!

Following on from the success of the Louis Ghost, the Lou Lou (my baby Lulu seems to be everywhere today! 😂) chair, or a children’s version of the iconic design was introduced. It is available in six great transparent colours (we’ve got the pink version already… naturally!) as well as 3 solid shades of red, white and black.

Costing the less than sizable sum of £85 (Scossa.co.uk) this is a design classic that we just can’t afford to miss out on. 😊


Got the pink for the girls now how about a blue Lou Lou for Lulu…? It can even be customised (Lulu could literally have his name on it!)… Sold! One blue Lou Lou for Lulu with Lou Lou on the backrest or should that be… Lulu? Dear oh dear, decisions, decisions!

Oh and one more thing?

What should adorn the glam Ghost whereupon I sit while writing these blog posts…

No, not a crown!!

A Banksy print cushion of course…

Well, maybe a bit of modern art inspo will get all those creative juices flowing, you just never know…


A cream suede cushion featuring the famous Balloon Girl image that was created by iconic graffiti artist Banksy in 2002 on the wall of an east London shop. I found this in a local gift shop a couple of years ago for around £40 and I so, so  ❤️ it!

Banksy, as enigmatic as he is iconic – his true identity remains a mystery, even though his artwork (often with a deeply philosophical and/or sociopolitical meaning) fetches large sums of money at auction.

Originally appearing as a mural, the words ‘there is hope’ accompanied the pretty black stenciled image of the girl with the red heart-shaped balloon.

Despite the words pointing to a message of hope, it remains unclear whether the girl is reaching for or letting go of the heart-shaped balloon (possibly signifying love) that is just outside her grasp.

Is she letting go of her childhood innocence, her belief in unconditional love or is she hopeful to the end of a favorable outcome (reaching the balloon) in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary (it’s out of her reach)?

Within a wider context, is Banksy suggesting that although the world might seem hopeless at times, things can always take a turn for the better – that ‘there is hope’ out there?

In many ways, the artwork poses more questions than it answers.

It is aesthetically pleasing and it provokes debate… and that is exactly why Balloon Girl has gone down in history as an iconic image of the 21st century.

That is also why it has pride of place chez M.M. – no, not Meghan Markle... Mostly Mum of course!

In the immortal words of textile designer William Morris:

‘Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.’

‘But what if you know an awful lot of things in your house to be useful or believe them to be beautiful, William?’ Mostly Mum wails.

A question for the clutter clinic to address, perhaps!

Stay tuned, my dear readers!

Until next time,

💋 Mostly Mum


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