Mostly Mum’s Latest Primark Haul Revealed!

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If you’re a regular reader you will know that Mostly Mum is a bit of a Primark (aka Penneys to the Irish among us!) fiend! So imagine the excitement chez Mostly Mum when she discovered during a recent outing to the shops (proper shops not just grocery shops this time 😉) that her local Primark store had been renovated and completely beautified!

Now, it has to be said that we don’t normally expect a lot when it comes to the design of Primark’s shop floor. We are normally too busy rifling through the rails for fab fash finds to even notice.

However, it was a heart stopping moment (albeit brief…) to walk in through those all too familiar doors to find this sprawled out before our very eyes…


The neon, the warehouse/loft inspired uncovered ceilings, the neat rail upon rail of fab fashion… I would faint but no time, too much fashion to find…

So without further ado, let’s get to the unboxing and reveal what that fateful day yielded us…

We were barely past those revamped front doors when we spied this…


A House of Holland shopper? Ooooh, yes, please!

A Primark tote that has been designed by superstar Brit designer Henry Holland, where £1.32 of the total £3 price tag is donated to Graduate Fashion Week. Fashion funding fashion? What’s not to love?!

‘OK, fashionable tote is sorted, I might just have a quick look at the latest makup display…’

‘Oh my! How cute, don’t you agree, girls?’

A – ‘I’m hot, can you hurry up?’

‘Just one sec. If I get this super cute, cherry fragranced eyeshadow palette, maybe we could share…?’

A – ‘Ok, just hurry up!’

IMG_5635.JPGOnly £5! Into the Henry Holland bag it goes… Plop!

‘Can’t have an eye palette without a super sweet, cherry fragranced blush and highlight palette, now can we, girls?’

savingPNG.png £5 – a bargain! Just this too… Plop!

E – ‘I’m suuuper booooored, can we look at the toys now?’

‘Sure! Just one more thing…’

IMG_5636 £4.50 – a steal! Plop!

‘I have to get this! Kim Kardashian was wearing the most beautiful shade of midnight blue on Instagram and I would love to try that look too. What do you two think?’

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A – ‘Muuuuummy, come on!’

E – ‘I’m still bored!’

‘Ok, just wait until I find a great volumising mascara… Ah, exactly what I need…


AMPLIF-EYED – cute name, cute packaging, done deal!

E & A in unison – ‘Muuuuummmmyyy!’

‘Alright, into the lifts we go! The kids’ section is on the lower ground floor with homeware, I think!’


‘Oh my, oh my! Wow! Is that a neon heart just like the one I wanted from Graham & Green (’


Couldn’t possibly say no to neon!

‘Who doesn’t love the latest neon collection from…?’



‘I admit the Primark version for £10 probably won’t be as well made but just until I have £50 to spare for the superior G&G version…’

E & A in unison – ‘Muuuummmmyyy, cooome oooon!’

‘Yes, yes, coming! We have to go over here, past the baby section…

Wait, girls! How cute would this be for Baby C? It might stop him chewing all his soft toys to pieces. What do you think?’

A – ‘I’m so hot, I’m thirsty!’

E – ‘Yeah! Me too! Can we goooo now?’

‘In one sec…’


Who could leave ‘the cutest teether ever‘ behind? Not me!

Baby C – ‘Waaaah!’

A & E in unison – ‘Muuummmmyy! We’re hot!’

‘Ok, I give up. Let’s quickly pay and go!’

So there you have it, folks! What could have been the best Primark experience ever cut short by three hot and thirsty kids.

Maybe the new shop floor fitters forgot to install the air conditioning unit. Hopefully they’ll have it sorted before too long because…

I will be back for more fab fash finds from Primark…

Not even a thumping headache and three irritable kids could put me off!

Now that’s saying something!

Until next time…

💋 Mostly Mum



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