Get Kim Kardashian’s Latest Midnight Blue Smokey Eye Look in Just a Few Easy Steps!


Scrolling through my Instagram feed lately, I was particularly impressed by one particular post from Kim Kardashian – she had dived into the blue…

Ok, not literally, of course! (Well, you never know, with a super glam lifestyle that includes yachts and cruises… But not this time!)

This time, she had posted a close up facial shot where she was wearing a shade of blue eyeshadow that was nothing like I’d ever seen before.

This was no Abbaesque, slightly naff throwback to the ’70s makeup blue eyeshadow look that I had tried so hard to copy as a kid.

No, this was a slick, alluring, eye-popping, glossy, grown up version. A brighter alternative to the traditional grey smokey eye… And I absolutely adored it!  ❤️❤️❤️

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Well over a million 👍! A look that’s already been given the seal of approval by many – oh and Mostly Mum! How could you not, really?!

In fact, Mostly Mum was so impressed that she studied the post in fine detail, then dug deep into her makeup supplies to find the kit required to recreate the look.


Heavenly makeup supplies old and new provide all the ingredients needed by Mostly Mum to create her Kim K-inspired version of ‘Le Smoky’ (sorry, couldn’t resist, love a bit of franglais!). 😊

And here is the step by step guide to how it was achieved…

Step 1:

For a glowing complexion, sweep a light layer of City Radiance by Bourjois over the entire face and neck area. You could use a makeup sponge for even coverage but Mostly Mum does prefer to use her fingers for a more natural feel and look.


Mostly Mum’s current foundation fave, only £9.99 from

Step 2:

To achieve Kim’s peachy glow, and again using the fingers, Mostly Mum sweeps a light dusting of Mac’s Peaches across the cheek bones.


Mac Peaches (£19.50 from – Mostly Mum’s fave powder blush since… oh about forever!

Step 3:

Now turning attention to that all important eye area, any stray hairs around the brow bone are removed using this cuter than cute Russian doll shaped pair of tweezers.


Plucking is so much less painful with these super sweet Russian doll slanted tweezers from Poundland. I know, Poundland strikes again!  👏

Step 3:

Using the fingers once more, a light layer of the nude iridescent shade Originale by Bourjois (just £3.66 at the moment from is swept across the entire eye area.


The light reflecting pigments in this eyeshadow really make the eyes pop!

Step 4:

Now for the star of the show… Mostly Mum selected a sparkly midnight blue shade from Primark’s almost too gorge to be true After Party eyeshadow palette.


So many shades to achieve that sultry smokey eye but today it has got to be a Kim K-inspired shade of blue!

Step 5:

We now need to resist the urge to use our fingers as this look requires some precision. So Mostly Mum uses a slanted brush from Poundland’s Make Up Gallery to build up an even splash of blue all around the eye, from right below the lower eyelid to just beneath the brow bone.


Where blue eyeshadow is concerned precision is preferable!

Step 6:

Using the smaller end of the slanted brush, Mostly Mum then blends a tiny amount of deep purple from the Le Smoky palette by Bourjois into the blue of the upper lids. This enhances the richness of the blue shade and really ramps up the iridescent factor!


Sparkly, smokey Bourjois – so scintillating!

Step 7:

To really bring out the whiteness of the eyes, use a kohl pencil like Kohl Me beautiful from Poundland to draw a line along the inside rim of the lower lids.


Kohl Me beautiful for just £1 – who would ever have thought it possible?!

Step 8:

Pull the upper lids taut, then with as steady a hand as humanly possible (kids must not be in the room at this point! 😉) take a liquid eyeliner to draw a line (using the upper lash line as a guide) from the inner to the outer edge of the upper eyelids.


Even Cleopatra would have been impressed with this Make Up Gallery Pro Liquid Eyeliner from Poundland!😉

Step 8:

Lashings  of black mascara is now all that is required to finish off the eye area!


This mini mascara from Benefit is on the pricy side @£10.50 but so worth it to achieve that ‘false eyelash without false eyelashes’ look!

Step 9:

A slick of this nude lip lacquer from Rimmel and we’re done! Phew!


You’ll be desperate to Show Off this slick shade from Rimmel, now available for £1 from Poundland! Yes, way!

And the big reveal…

Ta dah!!!


Oh, ok, maybe just one close-up!


Oh, alright, just a tiny bit closer (am normally allergic to close-ups but here goes…)!


I’m loving it! It’s daring, it’s dramatic, it’s different…

Just a bit of a pity the Hubby hates it…

‘You’re not going out like that, now are you?!’

‘You look like you’ve been punched!’

Harsh, Hubby, too harsh! 🤦 And why do I suddenly feel 17 again?! (Maybe, on, reflection, no bad thing!)

A: ‘Why are you wearing blue eyeshadow, Mummy! You look like a mermaid!’🧜‍♀️

Ok, a mermaid, not bad, I’ll take that!

E: ‘Aargh! That’s not myyyy Muuummmyyy! Can’t look!’ 👻

Well, E always was quite the drama queen.

Now, I wonder where she’s got that from…

Until next time…

It’s a high fashion ‘mwah mwah’ from Mostly Mum  💋💋


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