10 Perfectly Reasonable Reasons for Being a Diet Cheat!


Mostly Mum has fallen off the diet wagon! 😳 I know, I know… It’s only been about two weeks. How could someone possibly come a cropper so early in the game?

Quite easily, really! And I can think of not just one but ten great reasons why we all fall victim to the diet cheat at one stage or another in our fitness quest…

1. It’s someone’s birthday.


Baby C just can’t get enough chocolate cake – a bit like his Mummy, really!

Regular readers will be all too aware that Baby C has just celebrated his 1st birthday. So naturally, we were all required to indulge in copious amounts of chocolate cake to suitably mark this important milestone in a baby’s life.

Oh, OK, nobody was twisting Mostly Mum’s arm but Baby C is only going to turn one once, right?! 😊

2. We’re not getting immediate results.

There is no worse feeling than depriving yourself of all your favourite food for what seems like forever and a day and then to see that the nasty needle on the weighing scales hasn’t budged. Oh, no, not even an inch!

And then what do we do to recover from the shock? Raid the cupboards for something sweet, a mouldy breakfast bar… anything will do, as long as it’s so sickly sweet that we feel literally sick with guilt once we come out of our shock stupor and realise what we’ve just done!

3. It’s summer.

The sun is shining! Summer has finally arrived! Yay oh yay!

While I would normally plump for a healthy picnic on the beach, the Hubby is more partial to a barbecue in the back garden. And try as I might to encourage healthy BBQ food options that just spoils all the fun for Mr Mostly.

So I relent, join in and try not to think of all the calories a single beef burger contains. At least marshmallows contain zero fat! (Shhhh! Don’t mention the sugar content…La la la! Can’t hear you!)

4. We think we can stop at ‘just one bite’…

How many times have we been on a diet, had some tempting food lying around the house and thought to ourselves:

‘Just one bite, can’t hurt, can it?’

No, but the fact that we can never seem to stop at that ‘one bite’ is very much where the problem lies. Hands up, who’s guilty?

5. We go cold turkey!

Is there anyone out there who doesn’t enthusiastically throw themselves into a new diet plan, cut out all sugars, fats or whatever may be the offending food according to said diet, only to be hit by intense cravings almost instantly?

The headaches, the aches, the lack of energy… The pain seems almost too much to bear and you know you can put a stop to it… So easily!

But as soon as you cave, you’ve fallen into the diet cheat trough and the all-consuming guilt you feel is almost as painful as the initial cold turkey cravings! Oh dear, oh, dear!

6. We’re working out.

I always feel great if I manage to fit at least one workout into my day.  πŸ’ͺ πŸ˜ƒ

However, working out lulls me into a false sense of security. I’m working out so I can now afford to nibble at some post-workout chocolate, right?

Wrong! I often end up consuming more calories than my workout burned off in the first place so back at square one we firmly land… and often with a bit of a crash, bang! 😟

7. We go grocery shopping on an empty stomach.

We know we shouldn’t do it but every single time I go grocery shopping, I’m hungry! Even a bite of banana might be enough to keep those cravings at bay.

But, no! I’m starving and here I find myself, pacing the aisles like some kind of rabid animal, foaming at the mouth at the mere sight of anything ‘forbidden’.

And do those ‘forbidden fruits’ somehow find their way into the shopping basket? Well, yes, occasionally! Oh, ok, truthfully, yes, usually! I don’t even know why I’m forcing myself to answer a rhetorical question, really…

8. We’re stressed.

We’re having a bad day! Nothing is going to plan! All the kids are screaming for something different, we haven’t time to think and, before we know it, something forbidden (a biscuit, usually!) has been popped into our mouths to ease the emotional pain.

And it does! For a second, until we realise (yet again!) that we’ve just committed another crime against our latest diet plan! 😩

9. We’re exhausted.

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Dieting is just so exhausting! Can we eat this? Should we indulge in that? How many calories could that have? Is that enough exercise for today?

But, to top it all, we can’t sleep because… our ever grumbling tummies won’t allow us to!

A teeny tiny bowl of cereal to set us off on our way to the land of nod can’t hurt, can it?!

10. We lack self-control.

When faced with temptation how many of us can just politely say:

‘No, thank you!’

If you can, I salute you! I am, on the other hand, a struggler when it comes to saying no! I wish I could be stronger in the face of adversity and/or temptation but that devil on my shoulder is just too convincing.

‘Go, on! You deserve it! It will make you feel so much better!’ he says, as he rubs his evil hands together in glee.

And for that one moment, I believe it, I fall in a crumpled heap before him and obey his nefarious advice.

But, then, sometime later, I pick myself up and start the whole process all over again!

Because, although I may lack self-control, I’m no quitter! 😊

Until next time…

πŸ’‹ Mostly Mum

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