The 20 Pictures that Prove Kylie Minogue is a Classic Style Icon


My Kylie-inspired Louboutin court shoes, Prada bag (bought in Paris in 2003 because I’d seen a pic. of Kylie toting a brown suede version! ❤️) and gold lamé cushions (those ‘Spinning Around’ hot pants, anyone?!)

Kylie is fifty this year, or to be more precise, at the end of the month! Sharp intake of breath all round, indeed!

Although it may feel as if she’s been around forever, Kylie just possesses that air of eternal youth that we are all in pursuit of.

She never seems to age and in many ways is more beautiful now than she has ever been.

And after more than thirty years in show business, she’s still riding high on the crest of that wave with magazine covers aplenty, her own eyewear range in collaboration with Specsavers and newly released music that is currently soaring to the top of the charts worldwide.  ❤️❤️❤️

I for one am very happy about the recent upsurge in Kylie coverage as it’s reminded me of all the reasons (read: pictures of too gorgeous to be true outfits) why she has always been my number one style icon. (Psst! I’ll let you in on a little secret… When I was a little girl, I wanted to be just like her when I grew up…)

So, without further fanfare, here are the iconic images that prove that Kylie has always been and will be forever more… a style icon of the highest order…

1. ‘Can’t Get (that white jumpsuit) Out of My Head’!

Speaking about this iconic jumpsuit to Marie Claire in March (, Kylie said: ‘That was by Mrs Jones. It looked like nothing on the hanger, like someone’s left their sheet there. […] That one did involve a bit of trickery to stay in all the right places. That’s in my top three of iconic outfits.’ Ours too, Kylie! 😊

2. A perfect pop princess in the video for ‘I Should Be So Lucky’

The perfectly primped hair, the princess Marian style white dress – I wanted it all! Is there anyone out there who didn’t?!

3. Doing  the ‘Locomotion’

That red ra-ra dress, those gold hoop earrings, those shoes, that strategically placed bracelet… I probably would still wear all of this today if I could… Or even better still, dress my girls in this style, if they would let me, which they probably wouldn’t because they ‘style’ themselves these days… Spoilsports! 😞

4. Still doing the ‘Locomotion’

Embed from Getty Images

Those high-rise Levi’s 501s, that baggy white shirt… Oh yes, Mostly Mum has had it all! And now it’s all come right back into fashion thirty years later. What a funny old world!

5. Pretty as a Picture

Embed from Getty Images

The pink gingham dress that inspired me to put together my own black and white version. (It was just a pity that my seamstress skills were so lacking that my mum had to finish the job for me…😳)

6. Stealing the show in Dolce & Gabbana

Embed from Getty Images

It was the early noughties and I was convinced stage style couldn’t get much better than this – those plaits, that white corset dress, those silver boots… The glam-o-meter is literally at breaking point!

7. Chanel chic

Embed from Getty Images

How perfectly put together is Kylie in this fitted monochrome outfit by Chanel. Sigh! Love. Every. Inch!

8. When London is your catwalk…

Embed from Getty Images

Just out for a stroll and Kylie looks catwalk ready in black. I wonder if I would get away with this look on the school run… Probably not!😞

9. Green goddess

Embed from Getty Images

Green with envy? Who, me?! Maybe just a teeny tiny bit…

10. Parisian perfection

Embed from Getty Images

When Kylie does Paris Fashion Week she is so sartorially stylish that she even matches the decor in the background. Kylie, tu déchires!

11. Kylie Minogue loves her Manolos

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#shoeoftheday @ManoloBlahnik #legend

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And, frankly, who can blame her? Shoe heaven in a box!

12. If anyone can do leopard print in Cannes…

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Red carpet view!! #cannes2012

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Kylie can! J’adore! 💓

13. Stealing the limelight in Louboutins

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Around three years ago, these were Kylie’s #shoeoftheday! Well, they are still mine, Kylie! Love, love, love! 👏

14. Kylie is Vogue magazine’s Princess of Pop…


15. Channeling Marilyn…

In London-based Australian brand (now tipped to design Meghan Markle’s wedding dress!) Ralph & Russo! 💕

16. And here again…

Reminiscent of Marilyn in those iconic ballerina shots, Kylie’s style icon status is confirmed! ❤️

17. A ray of sunshine in Stella

Kylie is Stella McCartney’s muse (and ours!)  in Melbourne almost two years ago

18. Singing (and dancing) in the rain

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#Dancing in the rain, anyone???

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If I looked as good as you (and had Stefano Gabbana liking my Insta pics!), I would be too, Kylie! 😉 😊

19. Golden girl in million dollar boots

Embed from Getty Images

Well, at least they look like they should cost a million dollars, they are that divine!  🤑

20. Amazing in asymmetric

I loved this dress so much when I saw it on my Insta feed a few days ago that I had to ask @kylieminogue who it was by.💖 As soon as she gets back to me, I’ll let you all know…

In the meantime, I’ll be wearing this similar style from Sainsbury’s…


I bought this dress (for just £32!) before I had seen the picture of Kylie wearing her more gorgeous version… honestly!

So, thirty years later, did I grow up to be just like Kylie?

‘I Should Be So Lucky’!

But maybe, it’s not too late…

Maybe…just maybe, I can be as fabulous as Kylie is at fifty…

Here’s hoping… 🤞

Until next time…

💋 Mostly Mum

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