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Mostly Mum is on a mission – to finally, once and for all, get on top of her hoarding (gulp!) tendencies!

Yes, hands up over here! We at Mostly Mum HQ harbour hoarding habits. We don’t mean to… It just sort of happens…

A trip to Primark here… An outing to H&M there and we find we suddenly have run out of space. The few wardrobes our house does contain are full to overflowing with… stuff… and a lot of it not altogether useful.

So what is to be done about this stressful situation – a paradox of modern living where the more we accumulate, the less we actually have (as it is inaccessible in some hidden heap!)?

Step 1:

Resolve to tackle the problem!

This is the step I have been stuck at since… oh… about January when I made out my New Year’s resolutions list.

But four months later, I am absolutely determined not to be defeated. This year is my year of self-improvement and, despite a few months wasted on procrastination, I still have the best part of eight months to succeed in achieving my clutter-free goals! Yay! (I think!)


Powering through the list…

Step 2:

Cull items from my overflowing shoe and bag collections.

Just. Cannot. Decide…

Easier said than done, when you have a severe weakness for designer shoes that are almost too beautiful to wear (who wants to put a scratch on the oh so shiny red soles of their Louboutins? Certainly not me!!)…

Carrie Bradshaw feels my pain, I’m sure!

Or an obsession with Vanessa Bruno sequin and canvas tote bags (among other illustrious well-known brands…  😳).

Vanessa Bruno – the epitome of Parisian chic

But the fact remains that (alas!) I do not have the storage space available to house them all (along with the kids!). So… with a heavy heart and a serious sigh, definitive decisions will have to be made… Now where oh where to begin when…

I so wanted a ‘Clueless’ closet then and I still so want one now! Some things never ever change! 😉

Every single item you have accumulated has an emotional connection and does indeed ‘spark joy’, in the words of Japanese decluttering expert Marie Kondo?!

S(h)o(e) mesmerizing!

In her bestselling book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, Marie advises us to pick up every item we own and ask ourselves if it sparks joy, and if it doesn’t thank it for its use and duly dispose of it.

This method sounds foolproof but Marie has probably not ever met a difficult customer like me who can genuinely pick up every precious shoe and bag in her possession and say this item, which I so lovingly picked out to buy (fill in the gaps) years ago, still ‘sparks joy’ when I look at it, stroke it, try it on with a myriad of outfit combinations etc.

Failing to act upon Marie’s much-lauded advice, we only have one option left – to get rid of Ms Kondo’s book (not sure she’d approve of her own book joining the clutter clear-out but we have to start somewhere…) and find another solution!

Step 3:

Dig out an Instax (or any other camera of your choice) and…

My Baby Lulu’s first luxe baby grow, bought on the King’s Rd, Chelsea, in Jacadi Paris at about five past three in the afternoon on that gloriously sunny day that I happily registered his birth… Do. I. Have. To?!


Oh.. OK… if I must! Done and done!

Maybe if I have this on repeat, it will enter my subconscious and I’ll actually believe it…

Step 4:

List every favourite, expensive item that I no longer have the space or use for on eBay. At least it might give someone else the same joy I once experienced and, on the flip side, I can finally feel the joy of accumulating funds in my bank account (not to mention escape a cameo appearance on Hoarding: Buried Alive!😳 ).


Ebay – a win-win where clutter is concerned!

Step 5:

Donate the rest to H&M’s ‘clothes for cash’ initiative. Launched in 2013 (why didn’t I think of doing this before now?!), H&M stores offer shoppers a £5 voucher off their next £30 shop for every bag of textiles donated.

Fashion is being recycled (kinder to the planet!), my clutter is being cleared, some money is stashed away in the bank towards clothes that actually fit me and the kids… What’s not to love?! 💗

H&M – promoting fashion that you will be delighted to part with. Ingenious! ❤️

It has to be said that other stores, such as Zara, Apple, Levi’s, MAC, Windows, M&S, Intimissimi and Kiehl’s, operate similar schemes. Applause all round! 👏

Step 6:

Make like Mary Poppins and astound the fam with your magical tidying skills… and the fact that you made the hoard heap go ‘pouf’, gone just like that. Hurrah! Matching socks line little feet instead of the belly of the Hoard Monster from now on…

Well, that is the theory, anyway!

I have yet to find the actual time to put my astounding plan into action…

I will keep you all posted on the developments as they happen!

Wish me luck!

Until next time…

💋 Mostly Mum

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