Steal Her Star Style – The Mostly Mum Method!


Mostly Mum has been obsessed with ballet flats since… oh about forever! But if I were to put an actual date on my ballet-inspired shoe obsession, it would have to be the summer of 1989 when I acquired my first two pairs of ballet flats (one red and one white) to match the outfits (oh, yes, there were two – I was a fashion junkie even back then!😳 ) I wore for my confirmation day. (I will update this post with the photographic evidence as soon as possible! 😉)

But more recently (well, if you can call the last decade or so recent?!), my ballet flat fetish was fuelled by the effortlessly stylish Kate Moss’s penchant for a cute outfit paired with ballet flats.

And when I look back at some of her old photos, I am reminded of all the reasons I thought Kate the Great just looked so… well… great…

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The ever stylish Kate Moss snapped wearing her ballet flats in June 2011

Then, at the end of the noughties (what name did they ever decide on for this decade, the tenties, the teenies?! Please let me know in the comments section below if you know! 😊) while on my usual school run (oh, my, have I really been doing it that long?!) I spotted a student from a local university wearing the nude version of these Topshop flats and (ever the style stalker! 😳)  I just had to have them!


The original iconic Topshop ballet flat in red. It was also available in nude and black ❤️

As I was too shy to ask the girl where she picked up her too cute to be true shoes,  I trawled the internet until I sourced them to Topshop and managed to pick up a pair for myself for a very purse friendly £16.


The Topshop ballet flats were oh so comfortable for swollen pregnant feet in 2011 💕

Purse friendly they might have been but long-lasting they weren’t as, like real ballet shoes, the soles were extremely thin and so would wear out a little too quickly for my liking… because I was never quite ready to consign my much-loved flats to the bin.

But binned they had to be at least once a year and, almost as a start of summer ritual, I would then hotfoot it back to Topshop to pick up their latest version.

So, since around 2010, I have had them all, nude, black, red, sparkly gold, studded, leopard print and the list could go on and on and on…


Ooh! Look how they sparkle! 💖

My current Topshop acquisitions (around two years old now so lasting well considering…) look like this…


And this…


However, after a decade of Topshop devotion, I was beginning to feel like I would like to invest in a more grown-up version of the ballet flat. A pair that would look cute but last a lot longer that the one to two-year lifespan of my Topshop favourites of old.

Something  expensively gorgeous that might adorn the very stylish feet of one of my all-time style icons Olivia Palermo…

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Olivia Palermo wearing her signature ballet flats in 2012

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And again at Nice airport in May 2013

And then I came across this Pretty Ballerina Campaign, featuring the aforementioned elegant, ballet flat wearing Olivia Palermo…

How pretty does Olivia look in her Pretty Ballerinas?!

At last! I had a source! I could steal Olivia’s star style…

But wait!

Oh no!

Those utterly fabulous leopard print ballet flats from come with a pretty hefty £179 price tag which my stay-at-home-mostly-mum budget doesn’t stretch to right now! 😢

So, back to Topshop I will have to trudge…


EBay… do you think…?



£15 plus £2.50 postage and packaging! Where oh where would I be without eBay?!

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Wonder if my eBay versions are the black patent ones Kate was snapped wearing in Saint Tropez in August 2009… 💓


Shoe obsessed but probably too old to change now 😉

And then look what else eBay supplied me with for £30!


Ok, so they aren’t the leopard print ones I wanted but…

Definitely, almost as cute!


Who cares about a messy dressing room when there are shoes to try on?! 😍

And as for those leopard print ones…

EBay will sort me out, maybe not today, but soon…

I just know it!!

In short, star style on a seriously strict budget?

Mission most definitely accomplished!

Happy shopping, my dear readers!

Until next time…

💋 Mostly Mum

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