This week Mostly Mum was mostly shopping in… Sephora


Sephora… Sigh! Mostly Mum has been in love with Sephora since first setting foot on French soil as part of a school exchange way back in 1993. (Yes, Mostly Mum is practically a dinosaur! 😩)

And ever since, that monochrome Sephora (fun fact alert! Sephora comes from the Greek spelling of Zipporah, the most beautiful wife of Moses ) sign has been synonymous (in the mind of Mostly Mum at least!) with all things French (even though it does stock international brands too!) and an overwhelming sense of basking in beauty bliss!

If you’re reading this in the US or Canada, you (lucky ducks!)  might very well be thinking: ‘What’s the big deal? Sephora is everywhere!’

Well, not for us in the UK or Ireland it’s not! (Silent sob!)

You see, for some unknown reason, Sephora has never ever made it to British or Irish shores and so our Sephora sprees are strictly limited to our trips across the Channel (or a relative/friend/random acquaintance’s trip to France or Germany… depending on how desperate the SOS [Seriously Out of Sephora] situation may be… See previous post, Today Mostly Mum was mostly… tied to the kitchen sinkfor more details of this dire state of affairs… 😉).

So without fail, every trip to France or Germany must entail a Sephora spree, to pick up a stash of Sephora own brand products as well as a sprinkling of the best beauty brands the planet has to offer.

And last week’s weekend in Paris en famille was no exception to this general rule… Although, the constant cries of: ‘We’re bored! Aren’t you done yet?!’ meant that there was less blissful basking and more deranged dashing through those hallowed aisles than I would have liked!  😩

But enough of the suspense… Time to reveal the contents of that iconic bag…


I was barely through those dangerous (for the bank balance!) doors when I saw a display of Sephora’s own brand shower balm (note: not a gel, already intriguing!).

Like a child in a sweet shop, I was totally entranced by the pretty colours of the display and even though I only intended to take home one shower product I couldn’t help but leave with two… 😳

The fresh cotton scented Bataille d’Oreiller…


Love this! But, ever the pedant, I do so wish they had translated it as ‘Pillow Fight’ as opposed to the more literal Google Translate version… ‘Pillow Battle’ 🤦

And the super summery sun tan lotion scented Au Soleil!


This time the less literal translation, Beach Vibes, is more to Mostly Mum’s liking 👏

In fact, I loved this sunshiny scent (blamed the soaring Parisian temperatures for this particular purchase… I think the Hubby fell for it! 😉) so much that I had to have the matching body mist as well!


Summer in a spray ☀️

Then there was the stand upon stand laden with Sephora own brand makeup…

Oh where to begin?

Well, given the choice, I would have started with the foundations and worked my way down, but with a testy family on my case I had to snatch what I could through the cries of: ‘How looong is thisss ssseriously gonna take?’

That was the Hubby hissing at me, by the way!

Why oh why do men just never get it?!

Ok, no need to answer that one! It had rhetorical written all over it…

Back to the beauty finds…

So with time not on my side, I grabbed the sparkliest blusher I could see (so love a glittery blush!)…


And the most innovative, cutest lip stain I had ever laid eyes upon!


It’s a lip cream but not as we know it… You apply it through a foamy cushion and I…


❤️❤️❤️  it!

A rushed job doesn’t always mean a botched job, folks!  😊

Then, as has been a tradition for MM every time she hits Sephora… Some new Clinique!

I don’t know why but Sephora always makes me feel like I should do something to stem the tide of time and Clinique’s über hydrating gels always seem like they will deliver (and from experience they usually do!).


Clinique’s super hydrating gel-creams give skin a gorgeously youthful dewy glow

Finally (phew for the fam!), on my way to the till I was distracted by this…


A black sparkling couture nail polish by Yves Saint Laurent – the epitome of French chic

I just couldn’t leave without it, so, despite the wails of: ‘Coooome oooon, Mummmyyy!’ embarrassingly ringing in my ears as I attempted (with the help of an enthusiastic sales assistant) to procure this product of nail nirvana from the bowels of the beauty stand (why oh why are nail polishes always so hard to dig out of those darned drawers?!), I didn’t!

After what seemed like an age (for me and all within earshot of the impatient protests of my girls!) that magician of a sales assistant finally held this golden box aloft…

C’est ça?’ he queried.

Oui, c’est ça!‘ I nodded happily! (For a brief, heart-stopping moment, I was afraid he was going to tell me – as usually happened when I set my sight on a particular ‘It’ polish – that it was out of stock, but – as luck would have it – that wasn’t the case this time! Ph-ew!)

And then interminable queues aside (never have I not had to queue for what seems like hours in Sephora!😩), the best was yet to come…

Yes, the free samples!

One of the biggest bonuses of shopping in Sephora is the fact that an array of high-end sample scents will be dropped into that oh so gorgeous paper bag upon the completion of your purchase (no matter how small!).

It’s like a lucky bag for ladies and the excitement to reach in and find something like this…


Givenchy, Cartier, Guerlain – love, love and love 💗

Is practically heart stopping!

Well, OK, slight exaggeration but if life is all about the simple pleasures, this is my lot.

Easily pleased, you say!

Unfortunately, the Hubby doesn’t agree!

He’s already dreading our next adventure across the Channel in August… 🙊

As ever, I’ll keep you all posted, my dear readers!


💋 (lipstick by Sephora!) Mostly Mum

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