Bye-Bye Bonny Baby, Hello Testing Toddler


Oh dear! Once Baby C hit his milestone 1st birthday, Mostly Mum knew from experience that change was coming…

Those gloriously blissful days of delicious babyhood were numbered as Lulu (aka Baby C) found his feet to toddle into… a whole new phase of… well… toddlerhood.

However, the almost overnight transformation of my precious Lulu from tiny cuddly baby…


To a less than cuddly, assertive toddler has been nothing short of shocking.

Not Lulu but a great impersonation 😐

And the most challenging time of the day… bedtime! Oh my, oh my! Bedtime is a struggle at the moment, literally.

Gone are the halcyon days of nappy change, bottle, snuggle, sleep.

Instead, it’s nappy change/wrestling match (the nappy now ends up anywhere but where it’s supposed to as Baby C kicks and wriggles and squirms, so indignant is he that Mostly Mum should attempt to leaving him feeling fresh and clean!), bottle, bottle transformed into a missile as it’s mercilessly fired across the room (smashing through anything in its path like a bowling ball), speed crawl to the bottom of the bed, quick twist and lower…


Cheeky grin as those little feet hit the floor. Moving so quick that the picture is but a blur.


Alternating between a speed crawl and a toddle, he reaches the door and then, without a backward glance, he makes his bid for…


Total freedom!

Mostly Mum is no longer a source of bedtime comfort. (Sob.) Instead, Lulu is out of her grasp, out of the room and well on his way to Independent City! (Second sob.)

And once he is finally captured (for his own safety, of course), it is just a cue to start the whole process again… and again… and again… until Mostly Mum is so exhausted that there is no other option but to confine that little tearaway…


to his cot.

At last, a solution?

Um, no, no such luck!


After a minute or so of calm, Baby C decides to strip the windowsill of its contents.

Nightlights swept aside…


Picture frames smashed to the floor, the cot canopy is yanked in all directions, all blankets are disposed of and then, only when there is no more havoc to wreak, comes the incessant wailing that can’t be allowed to continue as it will wake up his sisters.

So Baby C wins, again! He is freed from his cot cage.

There is light at the end of the tunnel, however. Exhausted from all the carnage, he…


Finally falls asleep. Phew!

savingPNG.pngThe calm after the storm

Please oh please, let this phase pass quickly, because if it doesn’t an utterly and completely depleted Mostly Mum will almost certainly be looking for Supernanny Jo Frost to come and help sort it out.

Desperate times, desperate measures and all that!

I don’t remember my girls’ early toddlerhood as being so physically exhausting. Is this a typical boy thing? I’d love to hear your toddler boy tips and anecdotes in the comments section below. And, who knows?! In the process, you might even save me from some Supernanny humiliation… 😉

Until next time…

💋 Mostly Mum

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