3 Reasons to Rediscover Zara


Mostly Mum has been prowling the shops again! Well, they do say that ‘old habits die hard’, so why break with tradition?

And then there is the fact that it’s summer and the shops are simply brimming with too-cute-to-be-true sparkly objects like the earrings pictured below. (Yes, hands up, I am a bit of a magpie when it comes to sparkly shiny things. Who isn’t? Answers in the comments bit below. I would especially love to hear from non-magpies, if they even exist, that is…)

So… one day last week, I popped into my old favourite haunt, Primark/Penneys (sorry, it’ll always be Penneys to me!), as you do, and just could not resist picking up these very on trend statement earrings (even though statement drop earrings aren’t usually my thing as I fret a bit about the fact that they might highlight any asymmetry in my facial area!).  😳


At only £2 we can afford a possible fashion faux-pas

But fresh from an Instagram scrolling session and with the pic. below of one of my favourite Insta celebs, Louise of Made In Chelsea fame, firmly imprinted in my mind, I was desperate to find out if I could pull off the latest kite shape drop earring look.

How fab are Louise’s earrings and, on a side note, how perfect is her make-up! (Note to self: try out this look in a future post!)

How.ever, and this is a huge ‘however’, despite my fashion obsession, I had been suffering in the style doldrums in a very, very big way since giving birth to my Lulu.

Now, don’t get me wrong!  I have never ever had a figure à la Elle ‘The Body’ Macpherson (simply too short and… ahem…top heavy!) but after each pregnancy my stomach has been stretched to (what seems like) the point of no return.  Reminiscent of a  combination of a deflated balloon and a road map (albeit a greatly faded road map thanks to the magic of Bio-Oil. For more information on this, check out The Must-have Stretch Mark Product that Kim Kardashian, Kate Middleton and… Mostly Mum All Swear by…), my post pregnancy baby belly has been constantly concealed under the most tent-like dresses I could find in my bulging (but essentially defunct) wardrobe.

As regular readers will know already, I have been on a fitness mission in an attempt to tone up but, as of yet, my ideal post-baby bod still eludes me. Stay tuned for all the details of my latest diet and fitness ups and downs… Coming very soon to a blog post near you! 😉

So to get back to the main point of this blog post (apologies, I do tend to go off at a tangent at times! 😳)… The very same day that I picked up those gorgeous earrings in Primark I decided, out of the blue, to do something I hadn’t done in years…

I decided, on a whim, to wander into Zara!

Embed from Getty Images

Just in case you’ve forgotten how good it looks, here is a snapshot of the Zara branch on London’s Oxford Street

My love affair with Zara goes way, way back to the days when I was a relatively impoverished student but wanted to look smart and stylish for various uni events and eventually job interviews and my career as a journalist.

Zara was just perfect for this because they always seemed to stock (in their Basics range) those classic smart casual pieces like pencil skirts, trench coats and pretty blouses that looked really quite expensive but, in actual fact, weren’t!

And then there were the shoes… Sigh! How I loved those Zara heels… oh and their flats! I just love, love, loved their…everything!

Once I had the kids though, Zara seemed like a bit of an unnecessary indulgence! After all, how smart did I need to look while slumming it with the fam?!

But that fateful day last week made me realise my folly! How amazing was Zara! Chic and pretty and smart and not at all expensive; all rolled into one beautiful package and tied up with a beautiful bow, metaphorically speaking!

As for this dress… It was love at first sight! 😍 Pretty and slightly fitted but just not too fitted!


And best of all, it was perfect with those earrings! ❤️


Not quite Louise’s level of fabulousness, but not bad, not bad at all

Then to top it all, I found two other uh-may-zing pieces to add to my (already bulging) wardrobe, (must get on with my decluttering as per the steps described in The Clutter Clinic – Top Tips to Halve your Hoard ). 😉


A leather look skirt with an elasticated waist @ just £19.99 (so perfect for post pregnancy tums!) and a flattering cream dress with black ribbon detail @ only £29.99 💘💘2EA0CA2C-4425-46B3-A680-C65B8A8F161F.pngIt was like an answer to all my post pregnancy style issues. Finally, I could put together some stylish, on trend outfits that would cover my post pregnancy problem areas, and all that without making me look like a moving tent on legs. It was an absolute dream come true!

And here is how I styled those totally fabulous, suited to all post pregnancy body, pieces…

Look 1

The leather look skirt looks so perfect with a delicate crisp white pin tuck blouse (£19.99) and a black cardigan with pearl button detail (£29.99), both also from Zara, finished off with diamanté gladiator sandals from Primark (£12) and a classic nylon shopper from Prada (£60 – 😘 eBay!!).

 Look 2


Easily my favourite look, this black frill mini dress is  perfect with a Fendi pochette (£40 – thank you again eBay!!!) and this year’s classic nude ballet flats from Topshop (£12). For more details on great ballet flats, see Steal Her Star Style – The Mostly Mum Method!

Look 3


The ethereal beauty of this cream mini dress just needed a classic black flap bag by Chanel and  floral diamanté thongs by Primark (£8) to compete the look.


The view from behind… I absolutely adore the black ribbon detail. So, so pretty! 💓

Styled slightly differently, it’s the dress that just keeps on giving…


❤️❤️❤️ it!

Psst… Even Kate Middelton is a Zara devotee…

Embed from Getty Images

The Duchess of Cambridge recently sent the press into a frenzy when she was snapped wearing a £39.99 cold shoulder dress from Zara at the Beaufort Polo Club in June


If you’re in a post pregnancy style muddle (or any unfortunate sartorial situation for that matter), Zara is the place to be, the one stop shop, this summer! But best be quick because the sales have just begun and the rails will be stripped of the best bits before too long… The word is out that Kate’s Polo dress is already sold out so… sharp elbows at the ready, ladies!

Are you as much of a Zara fan as I am? Tell me all about it in the comments section below. 😊

Until next time,

💋 Mostly Mum

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