3 Surefire Ways to find your Happy Place this Summer

19688BAF-C3E5-421C-9C99-B66D71F138FE.pngSummertime means weeks and weeks of endless sunshine, holidays, fun and freedom from the daily stressors of normal life…☀️🌴

Well, that’s the dream the fantasy world of the advertisements in TV Land (and maybe even our own imaginations would like to sell us!). But (as is often the case), the reality can look a little different.

Those seemingly endless days of sunshine will all too often grow overcast and give way to rain (bye-bye heatwave, missing you already! 😥), while the exhilaration of that long-awaited freedom from the constraints of routine is replaced by a lingering sense of malaise, as we have more time to dwell on perceived problems that can be so easily swept under the carpet during busier periods.

So what do we do when we realise that our Happy Place is nowhere to be found, despite having spent a small fortune on that dream holiday? ✈️🌴😭

Well, we could always use all that extra time for a bout of introspection… A little soul-searching to reassess our life goals and take the following three paths to the ultimate Happy Place of the soul.

1. Purge yourself of ‘comparisonitis’


’Comparisonitis’ or, in other words, the urge to compare ourselves to those we perceive to be better or more successful in some way.

This is an especially difficult one for me and the recent upsurge in popularity of all things social media related has only served to intensify my affliction. At times, there seems to be no escape from the (seemingly) more beautiful, the more accomplished, the more affluent, the more everything side of our society.

So, as soon as I realised last week that my social media addiction was causing me to lose my way to my Happy Place, I took a much-needed break from the constant scrolling, posting, striving and subconscious comparing.

And do I feel all the better for my self-imposed hiatus? Most definitely!

Has it cured me of that heart wrenching, gut clenching feeling that I am not on a par with so and so or such and such a person? Probably not entirely, as we will all at some point compare ourselves to those around us.

However, the key is to rein in those impulses before they become so destructive as to entirely overwhelm our sense of well-being.

2. Become ‘a glass half full’ person


This is another one I have really struggled with on and off over the years. No matter how  many metaphorical mountains, I climb, no matter how many goals I reach or no matter how much I achieve, I tend to see only the things I haven’t achieved or done so successfully.

The antidote to this little affliction? Gratitude! Take some time each day to focus on (or even better, write down) all the blessings in your life to date.

As soon as I noticed I was falling down the negativity rabbit hole, I put this little plan into action and feel sooo much better as a result.

No more negative Nancy? Yet another mountain climbed, another goal reached and something else to be thankful for! Hurray!

3. Accept the imperfect

Yet another issue that has plagued me and my sense of well-being for many years – I have all too often equated being perfect with being happy. When I achieved a certain goal, I could be happy… When I looked a certain way, I could be happy… When I had this or that thing, I could be happy…

But the fact of the matter was that the never-ending striving and reaching for some fictional notion of a perfect state was making me terminally unhappy.

And I have now reached the painful conclusion that to be truly happy we need to accept and, yes, even embrace, the frog prince in all our lives, or, in other words, imperfection. Ouch!

Have you found your Happy Place this summer? If so, I’d love to hear all about it in the comments section below.

Until next time,

💋 Mostly Mum

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