Matte v Gloss – The Ultimate Beauty Test


Ahh! Lip Gloss! A beauty bag basic since… ooh… at least the early noughties. Up until quite recently, matte lipstick has been just so last century (check out any Friends episode for verification of this! 😉). Yes, we’re so looking at you, Rachel…


Yes, and you too, Monica!


Unfortunately, I’m old enough to remember when matte lipstick was big the first time around (and when Friends was first aired, for that matter! Yikes! 😩). And that is probably why I have been so reluctant to embrace its current revival (the same goes for anything vaguely nineties/grunge related, so that would be a definite ‘no’ to all high-waisted denim… yuk, yuk, yuk! Or Nirvana/rock band themed T-shirts… Have been there, done that, literally bought the T-shirt and lived to regret it all!).

However, it has to be said that lip gloss has not always been all sunshine and roses in the make-up department either. While it might promise to enhance our natural pout, there is the indisputable fact that gloss leaves a sticky, gloopy residue on everything it comes into contact with, and that would include our coffee cups, our BFFs, our men, our hair and even our poor unsuspecting children.

So, while waiting in line to return some ill-thought-out purchases in…


… My local branch of H&M recently, I was mesmerised by the beautiful beauty products displayed en route to the tills (hmm, a deliberate sales tactic that I fell for, hook, line and sinker! 😳).

Now, I am not usually one for make-up brushes but that pink-tinged Kabuki brush was to die for (and a virtual steal at only £3.99!😉). And as for those pink and copper mini brushes for only £5.99 –  I just had to have them, if only to decorate my dressing table. Hot pink lip gloss with a delicate sparkle? Well, at just £1.49, that was a no-brainer!

Who knew H&M was such a treasure trove for beauty buys?!

But, what was this right beside the gloss tray? A selection of matte lip pens? Sooo nineties but also so very now as it seems to be the lip make-up of choice of all the millennial beauty influencers of the moment.

Case in point, uber influencer Chiara Ferragni…

247,917 likes?! Wow! The likes on my Instagram account rarely rise above 24! But, maybe, just maybe if I embrace the matte lip look… Can’t hurt to try!

And here is the result…


Ah, yes! I almost feel like a seventeen-year-old again! For that teeny tiny bit of mental rejuvenation/nostalgia, the matte lip pen was an A star beauty buy.

But, wait, what about the lip plumping potential of the gloss? I’m not ready to abandon my old favourite just yet, am I?


No need for collagen injections here!

But why oh why am I between two minds when I look at the bigger picture (literally!)?(Sincere apologies for the shameless (duck face 🐤) selfies, but in the interest of this experiment, they were absolutely necessary! 😳)


Maybe the nostalgia is playing tricks with my sense of judgement, but I think…


I actually prefer the first pic., the… gulp… matte lip.

Oh, well, as long as I don’t forget to pop my finger in my mouth to remove any excess before facing the public (a little tip to avoid the dreaded lipstick-on-teeth look! 😳) or, worse, fall for the high-waisted denim revival, all is still well in world! 😊

Please, oh, please, let me know in the comments section below which lip look you prefer! I would so love to hear your thoughts…

Until next time, my dear readers,

💋 (no gloopy mess here! 😉) Mostly Mum

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  1. alattestyle says:

    If I had to pick between those too it’s always gloss BUT overall I prefer tints/stains <3

    1. edelcurran says:

      Thank you for the feedback – it’s much appreciated! 😊

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