3 Ways to Stay on top of your Summer Weight Loss Goals


Who doesn’t love summer? Sunshine (mostly), ice-cream, holidays, balmy evenings, al fresco dining… But wait! What if we’ve decided to finally shed those extra pounds of baby weight just before the summer’s begun?!

Yes, hands up! Guilty as charged over here! 😩😳 Could there be a worse time (well, ok, aside from Christmas!) to count the calories than summer, when your calendar is jam-packed with barbecue invites, summer birthday parties and holidays? (For more detailed thoughts on this subject, check out; 10 Perfectly Reasonable Reasons for Being a Diet Cheat!). Especially holidays! Aren’t holidays supposed to be all about letting loose, kicking back and indulging in our favourite foods?

Well, yes, absolutely! However, we do need to be mindful of that oh-so-fine line between indulgence and overindulgence.

So, without further ado, here is how we, here at Mostly Mum HQ, are walking that tightrope of summer weight loss…

1. Plan ahead

Let’s face it! Summer, as wonderful as it can be, is not always all flowers and sunshine. There will be the inevitable ups and downs, just like at any other time of the year.

In fact, it can actually be more stressful in some ways… No school run ties – good! Bored and squabbling children under your feet all day every day – not so good! 😩

And when I am super stressed, I have a tendency to have a Legally Blonde moment just like this…


Mindless, emotional eating, which ultimately leads to (where on earth could that have come from?) weight gain. Beyond frustrating!

So to break that vicious cycle, I have found that the best thing to do is to plan all your meals at least one day in advance (any more than two or three can prove a little too overwhelming for me!).

In this way, there is some structure to the otherwise unstructured routine of the summer holidays and I am less likely reach for sugar-laden pick-me-ups.

One of the best things about the Weight Watchers plan, which regular readers will know that I have been following (3 Steps To Effective Weight Loss), is the access to an almost endless supply of easy-to-prepare, low-calorie recipes via the app, the welcome pack and the monthly magazine.

Great news for a non-foodie like me, who breaks out in a cold sweat at the mere thought of preparing anything much more complicated than a spaghetti Bolognese. 😳


Hasselback Chicken prepared in a flash by little old me (with the help of the Weight Watchers starter pack). Yes, really!

Not quite food blogger standard, but, who knows, maybe someday… 😉

2. Indulge without overindulging

Cold turkey is most definitely not the way to go when it comes to dieting, as a period of over restriction will inevitably lead to binge eating. The wise people behind the Weight Watchers plan are all too aware of this and, happily for us desperate dieters, allow a certain number of bonus points/calories per week to spend on those impossible-to-avoid weekly indulgences.


It’s my eldest child’s 11th birthday tomorrow (gulp… emotional eating urge alert!).  Will I allow myself a slice of that almost too cute to cut unicorn cake? ❤️🦄 Well, it would be rude not to…

But, thanks to ultra flexible Weight Watchers plan (Tuesday night’s weigh-in is looming large after all!)…


I’ll be quite happy to stop at one slice rather than the more usual two or three.🤞

3. Take your exercise routine to the outdoors

One of the absolute best things about summer is that good weather makes exercise so much less of a chore.


Er, ok, if you say so, Reese!

Some people love to exercise… I don’t! Some people are morning people… I am really not! But somehow the summer makes it all better. If there is an option to escape to the beach, I am more than happy to spring out of bed at the break of dawn, pack up the kids and swim, run and – on those extra energetic days – plank away those extra pounds without so much as an extra thought or grumble.

Even digging in the sand…


It all counts towards that ultimate (sometimes oh-so-faraway) weight loss goal. And if we stick at it, we will surely get there before next summer at the very latest, by which time our new healthy lifestyle will have become second nature.

No more yo-yo dieting – the stuff of dreams?




And I’m counting on you all, my dear readers, to hold me to it…

To be continued…

Until next time,

💋 Mostly Mum


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