4 of the Best Budget Beauty Buys Revealed!

If there is one thing I love more than a beauty buy, it’s a budget beauty buy! And if there is one thing I love more than a budget beauty buy, it’s a budget beauty buy with a luxurious high-end feel.

‘That doesn’t really exist!’ I hear you cry. ‘Oh yes, it does!’ I emphatically reply.

Seasoned readers of this blog might recall a previous blog post I wrote back in April, entitled Six Aldi Products we all need in our lives right now… , where I literally raved about the wonders of budget German supermarket Aldi, or more specifically its stash of super cheap Molton Brownesque, Diptique-esque and Jo Malone-esque beauty products.

Ever since then, I have been obsessed with dropping into Aldi to pick up the latest luxurious addition to their (let’s be blunt!) less-than-glam beauty aisle.

But my most exciting Aldi beauty finds to date didn’t come from my local Aldi. Oh no!

It was a visit to my homeland of Ireland (feeling ever so slightly tearful just typing those words… Are you ever too old to be homesick?!) that yielded my best ever budget beauty haul.

Now, I must admit that I have long had a bit of a love-hate relationship with the ubiquitous nature of certain businesses all over the world. On the one hand, it can be quite comforting to land in a strange place and find the familiar. However, on the other hand, it feels as if, no matter how far away you travel, everything is a bit… the same, which, if you really think about it, almost defeats the purpose of travelling in the first place, i.e., to escape the mundane.

Mini rant aside, it was lovely to pop into an Irish branch of Aldi to find (shock, horror!) some great beauty bits that I hadn’t seen before in the UK. Naturally, they all had to be stuffed into my already packed-to-capacity suitcase and hauled back home! 😊

So without further ado, here they are in all their glory for you to feast your eyes upon, my dear readers!

1. Pomegranate No 3 Eau de Toilette

Irish Tatler and Aldi’s Pomegranate No 3 Eau de Toilette, two great items that aren’t as readily available in the UK

While holidaying abroad, who doesn’t love to pick up a great new read and a delicious new scent?! So, once I spied the Irish Tatler and the exquisitely scented Jo Malone inspired Pomegranate No 3 Eau de Toilette, home they both had to come with me.

And at a paltry £5.99 compared with (gulp) £90 for the oh-so-desirable original, there was no need to wince once we hit the tills.

2. Freesia & Pear No 4 Luxury Hand & Body Wash

3. Lé Mara Ireland Hyaluronic Face Serum

4. Freesia & Pear No 4 Luxury Body Crème

Budget but beautiful

Admittedly, the Freesia & Pear No 4 Luxury Hand & Body Wash is available to buy in the UK but I just had to stock up on a holiday supply as it is the perfect precursor to the ultra-rich and sweetly scented Freesia & Pear No 4 Luxury Body Crème, which I had never seen before. And at a very reasonable £2.99 and £4.99 respectively, the luxury spa experience can be yours without breaking the bank. Great news all round in the Mostly Mum household (Mr Mostly is not especially keen on ‘breaking the bank’ scenarios!). 😉

Given the choice, I would probably still plump for the originals…

Unfortunately, my poor writer status doesn’t allow the budget to stretch quite that far on a whim…

So, for the time being at least, it’s Aldi all the way for me (and my bathroom, and my dressing table, oh and my kitchen sink…). Endless luxurious possibilities on a shoe string budget. Those Aldi people are, quite simply, geniuses of the highest order!

Then, last but not, in the slightest bit, least, we found the absolute jewel in the crown of budget beauty buys, Lé Mara Ireland’s Hyaluronic Gel Face Serum (only €4.99 for 30ml!).

First created in 2015 and flying off the shelves ever since, this decadent nine-piece range (wait for it!) limited to Irish Aldi stores – who said diversity was on the way out?! – contains organic seaweed from the west coast of Ireland.

The Irish Mirror (www.irishmirror.ie) quotes Aldi’s beauty expert Ruth Griffin as saying:

‘Seaweed is a superfood that’s making waves in the beauty and wellness industries at the moment for its long list of healthy benefits. This powerhouse of a natural skincare ingredient is an unbelievable[ly] potent way to cleanse, tone, moisturise, repair and boost our skin!’

‘Say no more, Rachel! I’m sold!’ And considering the fact that similar products are almost ten times the cost, the guilt gremlins (oh and the Hubby!) will be silenced too! Result!

I wonder if Lé Mara’s serum will erase severe homesickness as well as wrinkles…

(Now, that would be my definition of a ‘miracle cream’!)

As ever, I will keep you all posted, my dear readers!

Until next time…

Happy shopping!

💋 Mostly Mum

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