8 Ways to Wear 1 Black Gypsy Style Top


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Alright, everyone! Hands up! I have to admit that, in the past, I might have had… cough splutter… a teeny tiny shopping addiction. But, hey, who hasn’t?!

Oh, okay, I know lots of people (like my very self-restrained hubby!) don’t necessarily buy (oops! No pun intended!) into the whole…


… 90s’ Barbara Kruger pop art adaptation of the French philosopher Descartes’ notion of, ‘I think, therefore I am’.

I, on the other hand, was seduced by it… 😳

Although I might not ever have had a wardrobe to rival Taylor Swift’s…

I found the adrenaline rush of a shopping trip…

To be exhilaratingly addictive, quite simply…

Or, so it seemed, for a minute or two at least!

But like a regular junkie, each shopping fix had to be bigger and better than the last in order to achieve the same level of satisfaction.

Until one day, I came to the realisation that regular shopping trips…

Were ultimately making me unhappier! 😮

Too little space!

Too much stuff!

Too much choice!

Yet, still, nothing to wear! (Sound familiar?)

Something. Had. To. Give!

So, since last January, I have been on an ongoing decluttering mission. To find out more about the early stages of this mammoth task, click The Clutter Clinic – Top Tips to Halve your Hoard.

The theory is as simple as:

Simplify, simplify, simplify!

But when you love all of those hard-earned shoes, bags, coats, scarves, necklaces etc., and attach a special memory to each and every one of them, letting go is oh-so-tough!

And I must admit, up until a week or so ago, the whole process was painstakingly slow.

But finally, the breakthrough came…

An Amazon based company, Blooming Jelly, approached me to inquire about my willingness to review some pieces from their latest collection.

As tempting as the offer seemed, I hesitated at first because it meant…

‘Aargh! More stuff in my – despite my best efforts –  still heaving wardrobe!

….’Unless… (light bulb moment alert!)

‘Unless, I could build a new capsule collection around these new pieces… and curb the clutter in the process!’ I reasoned to myself.


So, I decided to accept an Amazon Blooming Jelly delivery of a very now, yet versatile, black gypsy style top!


And I loved it!

Although, at £13.99 it was as competitively priced as my usual Primark and H&M favourites, it felt like a higher quality garment. And the fit was perfect, not too clingy in all the wrong places. Just right!  💓

Now for the accessories…


A bit of Prada, Coach, Kate Spade and Capitola (for a 15% discount on this watch, use my code below 😊) should do it

But, I will need shoe, skirt and bag options, too…


Add in some (from left to right) Stella McCartney, Primark, M&S, Chanel, Isabel Marant for H&M, H&M and Zara (phew!)


One Blooming Jelly gypsy style top plus assorted preloved accessories equals a capsule collection of eight, great autumnal outfits.


Mission accomplished! 😊

No more shopping needed for me for the rest of the season.

What a huge relief! (I think… 🤞there is no cold-turkey-aftershock! 😨)

To build a similar capsule collection of your very own, just hit the links in the Shop It section below.

If you have any thoughts on other ways to wear this oh-so-versatile gypsy top classic, I’d love to hear them in the comments section below.

Until next time,

💋 Mostly Mum

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    Inspirational ways to wear the Gypsy style top!

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      So pleased you enjoyed the post, E! 😊😘

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