3 Things you Must do to Stay Motivated in your Weight Loss Journey


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Another week has passed in my weight loss journey, and I’m feeling happy but impatient. Since September, I’ve really gritted my teeth, dug my heels in and thrown myself headlong into a consistently committed weight loss plan. And it’s been worth it, as I’ve lost an acceptable average of two pounds per week. Hooray!

However, as one week rolls (no pun intended 😂) into the next, I have been worse than my kids on a long car journey with that infuriating ‘are we there yet?’ question looping, non-stop, round and round my head.

You see, I’ve always been a little bit on the impatient side and once I’ve set my mind on a particular goal, I usually would like to see it achieved sooner rather later, or, more precisely, yesterday as opposed to tomorrow.

So, in an attempt to make the remaining weeks – I hope to be at my goal weight by Christmas!🤞 – of my weight loss journey more palatable (so to speak), I have come up with a little 3 point motivational plan, which should give even the most diet weary that all important second wind.

1. Celebrate every weight loss win


One of the best things about doing a weight loss programme like WW (formerly known as Weight Watchers) is the group support. While some might shudder at the thought of that weekly weigh-in, I actually find it hugely motivating, as all week long the prospect of a disappointing result at the scales makes me carefully consider each and every morsel I let pass my lips.

And then, when you do manage to shed some of those pesky pounds your coach is there, with the rest of the group, to cheer you on to continue on that golden path of success.

How I feel after a great result at the scales 😁

On the flip side, if you’ve had a bad week, the coach and the group are not there to guilt trip, but rather to console and offer advice as to how best to turn the situation around. Weight loss teamwork is truly one of the best motivational tools at our disposal… We just have to be brave enough to actually use it! 😉

2. Treat yourself


While diets do focus on restricting our calorie intake, most, and especially the WW diet which I am following (not an ad 😊), will allow you to work the occasional sweet treat into your weekly plan.

Moderation is key, though, and, so, while I would love to dive headfirst into lots of sweets, chocolates and, especially at this time of year, a toffee apple or two…


I have been limiting myself to just a couple of WW fruit salad chews (only 1 SmartPoint for two sweets), or…


One WW chocolate hazelnut moment (it tastes just like a Topic Bar but will only set me back 1 SmartPoint as opposed to… need to consult my WW app… a whopping 11! Ouch!) with my mid-morning coffee. A sugar hit without the stress? Yes!


Treats don’t always have to come in food form, though!

While the baby naps, I like nothing better than (at least) five uninterrupted minutes to dip into one of my favourite fashion magazines…


Or to freshen up my manicure. OPI’s Funny Bunny, a deliciously milky shade of go-with-everything white, is a current favourite.


And then once the weight loss hits your waistband and you suddenly realise that you  truly have nothing, zilch, nada, to wear…


The absolute most satisfying treat of all is to plan…

A shopping trip for a whole new set of clothes that are a size or two down from your current (now defunct) wardrobe! Yay!


I must finally be getting somewhere – I can almost see a defined waist in this fitted (but gloriously stretchy!) maroon dress and cardigan combination from Blooming Jelly.

And, even better, I no longer feel like a stuffed sausage in lycra!


In fact, I’m loving these leopard print leggings from Studded Kiss so much that I think a renewed gym subscription might be in order – my days of YouTube Fitness Vid’ isolation are seriously numbered. (Stay tuned for all the latest developments on the fitness front… Coming soon to a smart device near you! 🤞)

3. Let others inspire you


But if all else fails, I usually find that a little scroll through my favourite celebrity Instagram profiles inspires me to up my diet/fitness game. Mimi Bouchard, a former Made in Chelsea starlet, is really inspiring me at the moment as she has been working out incredibly hard at the gym recently and now looks (well, truthfully, she always looked great!) ultra amazing. And don’t even get me started on her outfit choices of late… those knee-high boots, that oh-so-trendy Nicolas Ghesquière designed Louis Vuitton Palm Springs backpack mini, that drawstring frill-trim top… Sigh! Love, love, love it all! 💗

Then, there is Louise Thompson (also of Made in Chelsea fame – I know! I’m a little obsessed!). Her wholesome diet and fitness lifestyle, not to mention her too-gorgeous-to-be-true makeup and outfit choices, have been a great source of inspiration for me ever since I first embarked on this post-baby weight loss plan a few months ago.

One day, I too shall be able to pull off the white fitted gypsy top and fitted flare look! (Probably not just by squeezing my eyes tightly shut and wishing really hard, though! Hard work and perseverance will most likely need to come into play! Gritting teeth as I type…)

But, truthfully, I don’t even need to look to the celebrity crowd for fitness inspiration (#fitspo), as Erica, one of my BFFs, looks absolutely ah-may-zing after giving birth to (I kid you not, people!) six beautiful babies (and the last two are twins!!).

A6386035-1071-4407-8140-DC91755AF7AD.jpegHow fabulous does my friend Erica look on the school run?! 💕 For all her outfit details, just click 👉  The School Run(way) US Style…

The best thing about my friend Erica is that I know that she has had absolutely no help to shed the baby weight… no super expensive personal trainer, no trendy diet plan.

She simply (and I know this because I asked her what her secret is! 😉) eats sensibly and chooses activity over lolling on the couch with tea, biscuits and a magazine in hand (now, there’s a lesson in self-discipline!👏 ).

You see, the thing that Erica made me realise is that slim people aren’t just genetically blessed (well, they are that too!), but they are also incredibly disciplined and energetic to boot!

Ah ha! Motivation to be disciplined and energetic found… Now, all I need to do is attempt to change the habits of a lifetime and put it all into practice…

Easier said than done! 😐

To be continued…

What motivates you to stay on the straight and narrow in your weight loss journey? I’d really love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below. 😊

Until next time,

💋 Mostly Mum

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