5 Must-Have Christmas Decor Updates


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Who isn’t crazy about Christmas?! Twinkling fairy lights, brisk walks through bustling streets, nativity plays, carol singing, cosy nights in by a roaring fire, festive food… ooh… all those irresistible Christmas drinks; hot chocolate piled high with candy floss-coloured, melting marshmallows, toffee nut lattes, gingerbread lattes… homemade gingerbread men… I could seriously go on forever!

But one of my absolute favourite things about Christmas is decorating the house with the children in early December… Well, I say with the children! However, the stark reality is that I tend to be a teeny-tiny bit precious about the Christmas decorations, so, while the kids might believe that they are decorating, in actual fact, they are mostly putting things where I want them to go… 😜 Failing that, brilliant baubles might magically move to their assigned places once everyone is safely tucked up in bed! 😊

This year won’t be the norm at Mostly Mum HQ though…

And there are two very good reasons for this!

Firstly, we will be away for some of the Christmas break, and, secondly, my tearaway toddler tends to break things. So, all things considered, I have decided, with a very heavy heart, to… (gasp!) rein in my decorating efforts (a little) this December.

In reality, that means a little less than £40 spent and a day’s work, as opposed to… quite a bit more.

I think the biggest shock of all was the realisation that you can get an on-trend Christmas look without spending a fortune or weeks-on-end traipsing around the shops. It is totally doable!

Okay, enough of the suspense, time for the big reveal!

Here are the five festive trends that I managed to add to some of my existing decor, and all on a shoestring budget…

1. Seasonal sayings


In general, I love words! So, the current trend for things (mugs, cushions, pictures…) to be covered in song snippets, quotes, motivational musings is a huge hit with me!

Imagine my excitement, then, when I walked into Poundland (I know! I just can’t stay away from the place!) to find those fabulously festive “Baby, it’s cold outside” cushions for no more that £1 each. 💓 Yes, really! 😊

And, to top it all, I found these matching festive mugs at the same time!


£3, thank you very much! If there is really such a thing as a shopping high, I can’t imagine it gets much higher than this! 😍😍😍

2. Scant Scandi

Scandinavian seasonal inspiration seems to be everywhere this year, and I, for one, am not complaining! Regular readers will know that I am all for a bit of Scandinavian design – it’s just so tastefully done. Never garish or artificial, felt mouse hanging decorations like the one pictured above are reminiscent of a simpler time, depicted in the picture books from my childhood. So cosy and comforting! ❤️

Likewise, the handmade quality of the traditional Scandinavian Christmas gnomes or Tomten (said to have a naughty streak!) is deliciously warming.


It is literally hygge in a hat!

3. Starburst


Sigh! This was the scene in our living room a couple of years ago when I was (very excitedly!) pregnant with Baby C. Delicate ornaments were placed strategically around the fireplace, a beautifully scented, perfectly formed REAL tree was covered in lots and lots of fragile glass ornaments, that had been carefully collected over the years, an oversized foil star sat precariously at the top, yet it never once toppled off…

Fast forward two years… I just can’t risk it, any of it! My tearaway toddler, aka Tazzy, the Tasmanian Dust Devil, would have it all dismantled (and shattered into a thousand pieces!) in the blink of an eye!

My eyes couldn’t take it! My heart definitely couldn’t take it!! So, this year, we opted for this…


Taken from my Instagram stories, @edel_curran1

Our old, yellow-tinged (and so slimline it’s almost undernourished!) artificial tree that had been buried in the loft. (I had hoped to invest in a nicer, newer, trendier, flocked version, and for it never to be seen again, but, alas, my hoarding tendencies came back to haunt me! Lessons will be learned from this sorry fake Christmas tree tale, I promise you!).

Even, once finally decorated, it looks a bit… well… sad, when compared to the magnificent real version from a couple of years ago. And, yes, I am a tree snob! Completely!


On the plus side, my Tazzy the toddler can’t poison himself from chewing bits off it, or break anything off it! (And if he does manage to, it might actually be a relief! 😉)

I do love these oversized, sparkly, red star hanging decorations though!


🤞 he won’t figure out how to destroy those! 😐

4. Ballet bliss


Another theme that is absolutely everywhere this year is Tchaikovsky’s traditional Nutcracker Suite and Swan Lake. To tell the truth, these themes were also big last Christmas too. So, the silver and pink glittery Nutcracker soldiers were sourced from Very.co.uk around this time last year. I think I paid around £25 (reduced to £20 this year! 😩) for the pair, but, there is a much bigger selection available this season, with prices per soldier dipping as low as £3 each. Fab!

Equally, the shops are awash with pretty Swan Lake-inspired decorations. The beautiful ballerina was a Dunnesstores.com find from many moons ago, but, the silver sparkly swan from Poundland set me back… Yep, you’ve guessed it! Just £1.


These delicate decorations have been placed well out of my toddler’s reach, but, maybe I should also tape them to the branches… Just to be sure… 🤔

5. Paper paradise 


Another theme which has featured heavily in all the home decor magazines over the past few Christmases is the hanging paper honeycomb balls. They look so pretty dangling from the ceiling, on the bannister or, simply, strewn around the floor. ❤️

Again, a few years ago, these were exceedingly difficult to source and on the expensive side.

Not so today, with multiple shops online offering an array of colours and sizes for as little as £2.99 each. Who could say no?!


There are even purse-friendly versions of my beloved Graham and Green wooden star light, available everywhere! If only I had known then what I know now, I’d be… a great deal richer! 😐

So, there you have it, folks!

The house can be decorated without breaking the bank… or our backs!

Oh, well, better to realise late than never!

Maybe one day I’ll be a super smart shopper, instead of just a super shopper! 🛍😊

Stay tuned…

Until next time,

💋 Mostly Mum

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