5 Real Ways To Reach Those Weight Loss Goals


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Finally!!! I’ve done it!! I have reached my weight loss goals!

If you have been following my blog for some time, you will know that I started out on this journey (gulp!) all of ten months ago. (Missed that very early installment? Never fear! Just click here 👉 Mostly Mum’s baby bulge fight – a losing battle?)

But it wasn’t until early July, when I formulated the Mostly Mum AAP (Accept. Act. Persevere.) action plan – (for all the juicy details, click 3 Steps To Effective Weight Loss ) – that I really began to up the ante with my weight loss efforts.

Despite being aware of all the pitfalls, the summer break derailed my efforts slightly. Not to be deterred, however, I launched myself back into the plan from early October and refused to give up until I reached that golden goal.

And how exactly did I ger there in the end?

I simply expanded my original AAP formula and it went as follows…

1. Ditch the delusions

The very first step I took was to quit hiding behind baggy clothing and semi-flattering selfies and accept the cold, harsh reality that I was overweight. The physical scales confirmed as much at my very first WW (Weight Watchers’) meeting in July, so now I needed to let the metaphorical scales fall from my eyes and take some decisive action.


Then and now

One of the latest buzzwords in the wellness world, self-love is a great place from which to move towards achieving those all important weight loss goals.

While, on the surface, it might seem like a selfish notion, the fact is that if we don’t love ourselves enough to be cruel to be kind and break the self-delusional cycle, it will be virtually impossible to make any real headway in our weight loss mission.

2. Credit commitment

The next step is to commit completely and totally to a weight loss programme. I went with WW (formerly known as Weight Watchers) – not an ad! 😊

I just find their Smartpoints system, where you have a daily budget of 23 points with a maximum of 4 to roll over for an end of week treat, easy to follow.

The WW app is also an amazingly helpful tool, with a barcode scanner, a restaurant guide, social networks, recipes, exercise guides and so much more to make your weight loss journey an altogether more pleasant and, ultimately, successful experience.

3. Fence off failure

Hands up! I admit it!! The summer was a complete flop for me where my diet was concerned. I was totally aware of all the potential issues! I even wrote about them, 3 Ways to Stay on top of your Summer Weight Loss Goals. 😳

But the dismal truth is that I relaxed a little too much, didn’t track enough (if at all!) and got out of the habit of attending the weekly meetings.

I might have fallen at the very first hurdle, but, more determined than ever not to be defeated, I picked myself up, dusted myself off and returned – ignoring the intense feelings of shame and embarrassment that I felt 😳 – to the weekly weigh-ins from early October.

4. Edit the expectation

Initially, in my over exuberance, I was certain that I could easily shed two stone, or twenty-six pounds, in around two months.

It’s easy to lose around three pounds per week if you are totally committed, right?


Despite my very best efforts, (no cheating this time around! 😬), I could only manage an average weekly weight loss of around a pound and a half per week. 😩

But, galling as it might have been at first to come face to face with the reality that this was not going to be a quick fix, progress was progress, after all, and any move in the right direction had to be welcomed.

I just needed to find my…

5. Motivational magic

Motivational quotes work great for some…

While motivational gifs work best for others…

For me, blogging my way through my weight loss highs and lows has been hugely helpful in helping me reach my ultimate goals… If only for the fact, that having announced my mission to the entire world (yes, literally! 😳),  I had no option but to finish what I had so publicly started.


So, when the going got tough, thank goodness for motivational music like this…

Irish band The Script always inspire me to reach for the stars

Ooh, and social media!!

In spite of all the negative reports in the press, I have found my social media accounts, and especially, Instagram, to have been hugely motivational in all my weight loss and fitness endeavours.

Influencers, like Irish (I know!! I am biased! 😊) model Roz Purcell, are often more than happy to share their daily struggles in the captions beneath their, mostly, perfect pictures.

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HOW DO YOU STAY SO MOTIVATED? ( in the gym) I get asked this a lot over on Dms and to be honest who is motivated 100% of the time?!? It's hard! You can't always be pumped to go do a session, unless your on a high pre workout intake 🤣. The past few months I've woken up and thought – God I do not want to train more times than ever before. It's normal, even for someone who loves the gym! So dont get down on yourself or think your this unmotivated human who doesn’t belong in the gym or out running or whatever it is you do. The one thing that gets me up and training on days I'm not bothered is knowing the feeling I’ll have afterwards and the escape I get when I'm in the gym from my overthinking 😭 & my phone 🤪 and any life worries in general – it’s me time! I starting training just to tick a box and over the last ten years its become a passion🙌🏻🤸‍♀️So if you've just started in the gym and you're wondering why your not @roblipsett 😄 be patient, try everything and find your thing. This week I think I've finally got my mojo back in the gym 🤣 I've had 4 out of 5 days I was pumped which is good 😁💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 #training #gymmotivation

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Just the knowledge that such seemingly perfect people struggle, too, somehow makes my struggles seem all the more worthwhile…

And especially when as a direct result of them I am finally happy to slip into a super cute swimsuit…

Like this one from BMJL.❤️

Or, I no longer feel like a stuffed sausage in these fabulous leather look leggings from…

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I had been planning to wear these fabulous leather look leggings from @studded__kiss out on a date night with the hubby but then ”step gate” happened (see my post from January 6th for all the details) and we ended up shelving our plans for that evening in favour of taking care of our poor, little, injured soldier. 😬🤕 Having kids is the absolute best but it has to be said that we have really struggled over the past ten years or so to make time for each other as a couple. 🤷‍♀️🤞 2019 will be the year we manage to do just that. ❤️ On a side note, use my code EDEL to grab 20% off my new, fave leggings (or even anything else that takes your fancy) from @studded__kiss. 😊❤️😘 #newyearsresolution #datenightoutfit #leatherleggings #studdedkiss #ad

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My latest fave online store Studded Kiss.

Oh, and gym gear, like these super flattering leggings from Asuno, is now a dream to wear! 😊

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Woohoo! 🙌 I’ve done it!! I’ve actually done it!!! I have fiiiinally got to gold on my @ww plan! (27 pounds lighter than this time last year! 😳😊) It’s taken two months longer than I had originally planned, but, what the hey, I got there in the end. 😳😊 A super-duper new blog post all about my weight loss journey will be hitting a phone screen near you very soon. 🤞In the meantime, check out the ”wellness” category of my blog to find out about the many ups and downs that took me to this point 👉 [link in bio]. All the extra exercise, healthy food choices and hard, hard work paid off in the end! 👏 I’m now off to reward myself with some fabulous new workout gear from my new fave brand @asuno.uk. Oh, and you can all treat yourselves, too, to 10% off with my code EdelCurran10. 👏 Happy shopping, everyone! 🛍❤️😘 #goalslayer #ww #wwgoldmember #weightlossjourney #megansrestaurant #nevergiveup #knowyourwhy #wellness #momblogger #instainspo #instafit #everythingispossible #ad #asuno

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But the best motivational feeling of all is finally fitting into this Heidi Klum for Lidl leopard print hoodie, that I bought a size too small, as it was the last one left in the shop! 👏😊💓

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Yay!! It’s the weekend! ❤️ And even though my throat is feeling scratchy, again, (what is with this never ending cold and flu season?!!! 🤧), I’m up and about, ready to kick start the day with an early(ish) gym sesh! 🙌 I might have reached my goal weight, but now the next challenge will be to maintain that success and not slip back into old, bad habits! For me, the best motivation is being able to fit into clothes that barely fitted before, like this fab Heidi Klum leopard print hoodie for @lidluk – I bought it last year, a size too small, as it was the only one left in the shop, thinking maybe I could keep it for my eldest daughter. But now that it fits meeee, she’ll have to wait a bit longer to get her mitts on it! Oopsie! 🙊💕 #fitnessmotivation #wwgoldmember #fashionblogger #momblogger #gymmotivation #heidiklumlidl #lidluk #loveleopard #leopardprint #longchamp #longchamplepliage #asuno #weekendvibes

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This weight loss journey might have taken longer than originally planned…

There were a few detours along the way.

But what does that matter when, in the end, I arrived safely and happily at my destination?!

Now onto the next…

The mission to maintain that success!

🤞 you’ll stay with me for what’s sure to be another bumpy ride!

Until next time,

💋 Mostly Mum

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  1. Such good tips! Needed as I’ve hit a wall recently in my weight loss. Thanks!

    Charlotte xx

    1. edelcurran says:

      So happy you liked it, Charlotte! Perseverance is key – keep going and you’ll get there in the end. I was feeling exactly the same a few months ago, but my stubborn determination eventually paid off. 😊 Wishing you all the very best! 💕

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